WTAMU Engineering Class Helps Randall County Fire Department Build New Equipment | KAMR

CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – The West Texas A&M Advanced Mechanics and Design class is helping fill a local fire department’s need by building an electric hose roll for the Randall County Fire Department in the part of their spring project.

This new electrical hose reel will help roll up and drain hoses after the service is finished fighting fires.

“We have created this machine that will be able to lift the hose for them and eliminate the need for two or three extra guys. Usually it takes four or five men to manually launch this fire hose and we We’ve cut it down to two men and we’re rolling it up at about 110 feet per minute,” said Hector Rivero-Figueroa, one of the mechanical engineering students who worked on the project.

Randall County Fire Department Chief Joe Koch said this electric hose reel will bring many benefits to the department.

“What that’s going to do is when we go out on a fire we have minimal staff and so when it’s time to pick up the hose and stuff it will help the guys who are already tired to put the hose on the truck . This will prevent possible injuries from fatigue and the like, Chief Koch said.

Once the semester is over, the roll of hose will belong to the Randall County Fire Department, as they partnered with the students and paid for the materials. The students had a budget of $1,000 and eight weeks to complete the project.

Rivero-Figueroa said it was great to see their project used in the community.

“It’s really cool because we spend a lot of time in engineering doing a lot of homework and doing calculations and we really don’t see the effects of that until we take these design courses and get to see a finished product like our design, it shows us what it means to be an engineer,” Rivero-Figueroa said.

Rivero-Figueroa said they are currently working on a hose reel for the Canyon Fire Department, but are currently awaiting an engine.

With the way the Electric Hose Roller was built by WT students, the device can be moved from truck to truck in the Randall County Fire Department fleet.

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at WTAMU, Dr. Fisseha Alemayehu said students in the Advanced Mechanics and Design class also built machines and devices to help people with disabilities or help those who have fallen and need support. help to get up.