Welland Firefighters Team Up With Jackfish For Single Player Headset Of The Game

Welland Jackfish players are used to wearing helmets at bat and behind home plate, but a new helmet awarded at the end of home and away games is a little different.

Working with the baseball organization, Welland Professional Firefighters Association Local 481 had a traditional firefighter’s helmet custom-made for the player of the game.

“It’s a cool helmet and it was something we talked about doing for a year. Something special and community-based,” said Jackfish President Ryan Harrison.

Harrison said the Jackfish had picked a player from the game since they started playing Welland in 2019, but it was acknowledged simply as a social media post on Twitter and Facebook.

“It’s something a little more exciting for the guys. They put on something that means something in the community. It’s a bit of a reward from the (fire) association, Harrison said.

Mark Biggins, President of Local 481, said the fire helmet is a very distinctive, proud and recognizable symbol.

“Our firefighters take great pride in their helmets and it’s something we work hard for when choosing a career as a firefighter,” Biggins said.

Firefighters association member Joel Myers said this is the second custom player of the gaming headset designed for local sports teams – the other was designed for the Welland Jr. Canadians.

Myers said both were airbrushed by Jawzy Custom Paint and Graphics of Welland.

The helmet has the Jackfish logo, a northern pike, on the sides and the team colors kelly green and blue.

Biggins said the association likes to support the community whenever they can and wanted to do something special for the Jackfish, who play at the Quaker Road Sports Complex.

“When they’re given the helmet after the game, they know it recognizes their hard work and their contributions to the team,” Biggins said.

Harrison said the helmet went through a few Gatorade showers late in games.

Although it is supposed to be awarded in home and away games, the club president has admitted that he forgot to win it in the first away game this season.

“It’s great to have. It’s an amazing looking helmet. We’re excited to continue this partnership.

Harrison said the baseball organization is open to working with community groups and organizations in the City of Rose, and they can contact Jackfish’s website — wellandjackfish.com — or by stopping by the stadium.