Waukesha Co.’s canine search and rescue team jump into action as parade tragedy unfolds

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) – When mass chaos hit the streets of Waukesha on Sunday, a family trained in emergency services jumped in to help – their dogs too.

Three generations, father, son and grandson, all members of the South Waukesha County Canine Search and Rescue Team.

When the high-speed SUV drove through an intersection on Sunday, the training they started began.

Former Waukesha firefighter Phillip Buccholtz said the SUV was driving past his family, the Hulk dog was on it.

“The Hulk rushed from our position on the sidewalk into the street. He sensed the negativity, the danger that was about to happen,” Buccholtz said.

“When the vehicle entered the intersection, it alerted, it entered the road, pushed back two children and then continued to chase the truck,” said Jason Buccholtz.

The 3-year-old is part of the South Waukesha Canine Search and Rescue Team.

“He showed features. He showed signs of doing things like that,” Phillip said.

“He knows when it’s time to work as soon as his vest comes out, he’s ready to go,” Jason said.

Another dog from their organization was also present at the parade: Milo. It is a service dog for autistic children.

“He was lying on the sidewalk and all of a sudden chaos started to happen. He was stepped on and since then he’s been focusing his right back leg,” Jason said.

Along with the dogs, the Buccholts – father, son and grandson – became volunteers, grabbing a medical bag from their truck and treating injuries.

Noah is only 15, the same age as some of the injured he was helping.

“He had a laceration right next to his eye and a broken lip,” said Noah Buccholtz, a freshman at Waukesha West High School.

As for Milo, he receives baby aspirin and care from his vet and loving family, who worked hard to give back that night.