Waco Fire Department Launches EMS Cycling Team, Enabling Faster Response Times

The Waco Fire Department is launching an EMS bike team on Wednesday, to provide faster, more efficient emergency services during special events.

The fire department will field four Cannondale Trail mountain bikes, each bike will be fitted with life-saving trauma equipment such as automated external defibrillators, oxygen and bandages. Bicycles will be available for high traffic events in the town of Waco.

“Unfortunately, even pedestrians don’t stray at all times,” said Waco firefighter Larry Denman. “So being able to maneuver through that will allow us to cut response times by a few minutes. We can cycle faster than we can in an ambulance or on a UTV.”

The cycling team makes it easy to maneuver through large crowds, shortens response times and will allow EMS to access patients in hard-to-reach areas in less than 3 minutes on average, Waco FD said. These teams will be deployed this week at events such as the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo.

The EMS bike team can also be seen in downtown Waco on upcoming weekends and holidays, according to Waco FD, improving the fire department‘s service delivery systems.

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