Video: City of Dardanelle Fire Department fights early morning fire on South 5th Street | Local news

A fire started early in the morning and quickly spread to a house in Dardanelle early Wednesday, December 22.

At approximately 2:40 a.m., the Dardanelle dispatcher received a 911 call reporting a structural fire at 108 South 5th Street located within the city limits of Dardanelle.

Upon receiving the call, the dispatcher instructed the Dardanelle Town Fire Department to respond to the structure fire, then radioed Dardanelle Police Department officers to inform them of the report. . Informed of the fire, officers attended the scene.

As firefighters checked en route to the call, a Dardanelle police officer informed the dispatcher that he could see thick smoke in the area. Arriving at the address, the officer confirmed that flames were escaping from the residence and said he made contact with the occupant of the house, who escaped the blaze.

At that time, the agent requested the response from Pinnacle EMS to perform an assessment of the patient on the occupant, to ensure he was okay.

As the firefighters continued their response, the agent passed updated information to the dispatcher indicating that a large amount of ammunition in the house was triggered in the residence and advised him to contact Entergy to intervene on the scene and shut down the food of the house. The officer also said that “power lines were on fire.” Moments after the officer relayed the information to the shipment, a live power line was cut after it caught fire and fell onto a fence on the property, then onto the ground where it began to burst and to spring from the ground by discharging electricity.

Shortly thereafter, Engine 2 from the Town of Dardanelle Fire Department arrived at the scene and offered the dispatcher and other firefighters to respond to a size larger than the scene. Firefighters said the house was “fully involved” and then said the nearest fire hydrant was located at the intersection of South 5th Street and Locust. He then requested that the next available motor “pull a line from the location for the water supply.”

Firefighters quickly attacked the blaze that was consuming the house and worked to bring down the aggressive flames that were issuing from the front of the residence. Flames from the blaze ravaged the house, smashing windows and burning walls as firefighters held on with their attack.

While continuing to fight

the blaze from outside, firefighters faced not only aggressive flames, thick smoke and intense heat, but also other obstacles that made the fight even more dangerous. At one point, firefighters were confronted with ammunition blasts, a live power line on the ground in front of the house, as well as explosions from propane tanks that were on the property. Despite the obstacles, the firefighters held on, accepted the challenge and continued to work to extinguish the blaze.

Upon arrival of Pinnacle EMS, the occupant of the house was assessed and subsequently cleared by EMS staff on site. As the fire fight continued early in the morning, South 5th Street was closed to traffic in the area. Officers from the Dardanelle Police Department and a deputy from the Yell County Sheriff’s Department handled traffic control and assisted on-scene firefighters as needed.

Just before 4 a.m. Wednesday morning, the fire was determined to be under control. Just after 4 a.m., Entergy arrived at the scene and cut off the power to the house and eliminated the threat of the broken power line.

Firefighters began work on overhaul efforts to check the spread of the fire in whatever was left of the house to make sure the fire was completely out and all hot spots were extinguished.

After completing the overhaul, the firefighters began packing their hoses and equipment to make them available for service. Just before 5 a.m. on Wednesday morning, Dardanelle town firefighters informed the expedition that they were returning to their post.

Although the house and its contents were destroyed by the fire, the occupant escaped the fire without serious injuries and no injuries were sustained by the firefighters. Firefighters were successful in protecting the property surrounding the house and kept the fire from spreading to other houses and other properties nearby.

The cause of the fire is unknown and at the time of this story it is still under investigation.

A big thank you to the officers of the Dardanelle Police Department and to

Yell County Sheriff’s Deputy for their assistance at the scene.

The attached photos and the following video were captured as firefighters battled the early morning blaze on South 5th Street.