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The Vernon Vipers U15 Level 2 hockey team spent Saturday, October 30 raising money for the team by getting resourceful and helping out a neighborhood in Vernon.

The Vipers team, coached by Vernon firefighter Jodie Bradley, organized a Firesmart Yardwork fundraiser, a brainchild of the Carly Gare team fundraiser coordinator.

“Thinking about the summer fires, I thought the Firesmart Yardwork event would be a good idea and it was a success,” Gare said. “In addition to raising funds for the team, the kids and our amazing group of parent volunteers worked together outdoors to bond as a team, reduce the risk of fire in Canadian Lakeview Estates, and help with the neighborhood Firesmart recognition certification.

Canadian Lakeview Estates was a neighborhood that was ordered evacuated this summer due to the White Rock Lake wildfire.

The team asked for a minimum donation per hour based on the number of people working per yard, but Gare said most residents had significantly increased it and everyone was absolutely thrilled with which, in addition to the cause, is so nice to hear and to be. part, she said.

“I still get goosebumps from my last phone call with a resident who was so happy,” Gare said. “Many of these owners are older as well. It’s a lot for them and it was great to help them. “

A resident told the team, “What a team! They did a fantastic job – we are so happy. Thanks again for that and do it again next year.

Players and volunteers mostly raked pine needles and debris, but some houses also required pruning and branch removal.

Having a firefighter coach on board was extremely helpful and reassuring. Bradley just had shoulder surgery, but he’s been a huge help and has been with everyone the whole time.

“The event was creative and useful, especially given the past fire season and the closeness to the residents of Vernon,” Bradley said. “It was a great way to offer help to our neighbors while educating our players. Best team building / fundraising event that should become commonplace for other sports teams. It’s not just about giving or asking people to buy something they really don’t want. It helps people to make their properties safer. Win, win.

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BC Minor Hockeybc wildfire fundraiser

The Vernon Vipers Tier 2 U15 hockey team raised money and education Saturday, October 30, by participating in a Firesmart Yardwork fundraiser in the Canadian Lakeview Estates neighborhood of Okanagan Landing, to the delight residents. (photo by Carly-Gare)

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