Ventura County Fire Department Salutes Rescue Efforts | Local News

Posted on February 20, 2022
| 11:47

The Ventura County Fire Department recently honored 17 individuals for their vital service to county residents as part of the 26th Annual VCFD Awards, which also recognized firefighters and employee of the year for the agency. .

“Each of these individuals has gone above and beyond in their service to our community,” Fire Chief Dustin Gardner said. “We are honored by their selfless dedication to caring for others.”

Firefighter Mike Fuller received the Meritorious Service Medal for rescuing a 10-year-old girl who was threatening to jump from the Casa Pacifica building in Camarillo on February 22, 2021. The girl, who was sitting on the edge of the roof, announced that she was going to jump counting to 10, rotated her body and started counting.

Fuller had positioned himself on an overhead ladder just below the roof line on the side of the building about 50 feet from the girl. The moment the girl counted to seven, Fuller rushed to the roof and grabbed her. They rode on the roof with the girl fighting him until they stopped halfway.

The girl was taken to hospital for treatment for scratches and a psychological evaluation.

Ventura County Senior Sheriff’s Deputy Lee Chapman received a lifesaving medal, and his daughters Abbey, 8, and Taylor, 11, received lifesaving medals for saving their wife and mom Bonnie Chapman , January 24, 2021.

Firefighter Paramedic Chris Gaskins received a Lifesaving Medal for rushing to the aid of a neighbour’s son while off duty on September 13, 2021 and performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation until the paramedics can arrive.

Capt. Bob Schuett and firefighter Christian Quagliata received Lifesaving Award medals for pulling an intoxicated minor from the roof of the 99 Cent store in Camarillo on March 18, 2020, after throwing concrete tiles at people in below and threatened to jump.

Certificates of Recognition were awarded in relation to this incident to firefighters Derek Hawthorne, Kimo Ukauka, Jose Ramirez, Ryan Resnick, Ryan Coccia, Cory Gropp and Chad Meehan, as well as Battalion Chief Michael Weisenberg. Certificates of Appreciation were presented to Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputies Frank Corona and Christopher Riggs.

Other winners:
Firefighter of the Year, Battalion 1: Cameron Louis
Firefighter of the Year, Battalion 2: Raul Garcia
Firefighter of the Year, Battalion 3: Kevin Lundgren
Firefighter of the Year, Battalion 4: Jesus “Chuy” Perez
Firefighter of the Year, Battalion 5: Sam Walters
· Business of the Year: Patrol 16 – Damon Dalton and Jon Jelle.
Wildland/Aviation Unit Employee of the Year: Ryan Matheson
Office of Administrative Services Employee of the Year: Velinda Trujillo
· Fire Prevention Worker of the Year: Nick Resendes
Office of Business Services Employee of the Year: Elena Velasquez
Fire Communications Center Dispatcher of the Year: Katie Farber
Office of Support Services Employee of the Year: Sean Premo
Community Education Employee of the Year: Crystal Stratton
Volunteer of the Year: Frank Huchingson

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