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Ulhasnagar municipal company plans to introduce a fire fighting bicycle with a capacity of 40 liters of water; this will allow UMC to enter smaller alleys in the city to put out the fire and avoid a major incident; he plans to have a bike assembled which costs around Rs8-Rs10 lakh

ThroughAnkita G Menon, Ulhasnagar

The Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) plans to introduce a firefighting bicycle with a capacity of 40 liters of water. This will allow UMC to enter the small streets of the city to put out the fire and avoid a major incident.

Leelabai Ashan, Mayor of UMC, said: “We have suggested that the civic body make arrangements and plan to purchase a firefighting bicycle that will have access to all parts of the city. city. Firefighters have also started to learn about the benefits and use of these bikes.

According to an officer of the fire brigade, “The market price for the vehicle is about ??15 lakh and so we planned to go get an assembled part which will arrive at about ??8 or ??10 lakh. Such a provision will only help provide additional support to the Ulhasnagar fire team, ”said a senior UMC fire officer.

The firefighting bike will include a water tank with a capacity of 40 liters and an incendiary bomb that can extinguish the fire in seconds. Such arrangements will help control the fire in an emergency and if firefighters cannot reach the scene of the disaster due to crowded roads.

Ulhasnagar is a mixture of residential areas, small business units and factories as well as shops and commercial establishments. As all of these work simultaneously in the middle of narrow lanes that have illegal parking and often cause traffic jams, it is difficult for firefighters to reach in time in an emergency. A firefighter’s bike can access these places and reduce the impact of the fire until the firefighters find their way.

UMC is still in the process of budgeting and will soon be planning the purchase of a firefighting bike.

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