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the tradition of firefighters must continue

Published on: Monday, July 25, 2022

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Hajiji inspecting the honor guard.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor wishes the tenacity and commitment shown by the Fire and Rescue Service (FRD) trainees to continue while carrying out their duties as members of the rescue team on field. He said the community admires the efficiency, preparation and sacrifice of firefighters to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of people are safeguarded and supported in the service which is considered a noble profession. “Tradition and heritage must be passed on to all generations of firefighters, especially new officers in the service.

“I believe that the knowledge gained, particularly through the basic training module of this Fire Science Certificate course, will transform the trainee from a civilian to a uniformed service member, propagating a work culture shaped by a superior personality, courage and altruism. “Therefore, I would like the 148 new members to make full use of the knowledge acquired during the training to perform their duties more effectively,” he said at the Fire Science Certificate Accreditation ceremony. Parade 1/2022 at Kota Kinabalu Fire and Rescue Station. the 14th of July. Previously, the Chief Minister was awarded the rank of Honorary Senior Deputy Fire Commissioner in an honorary rank ceremony presided over by the Director General of the Fire and Rescue Department, Dato’ Sri Ts Mohammad Hamdan Wahid. The state’s Minister of Local Government and Housing, Datuk Seri Masidi Manjun, who is also the state’s Finance Minister II, also received the award and received the rank of Honorary Deputy Fire Commissioner.


Also present were Secretary of State Datuk Seri Sr Safar Untong, Federal Secretary of Sabah Datuk Sarul Bahiyah Abu and Director of Sabah Fire and Rescue Department Abdul Razak Muda. Hajiji also commended the RDF’s efforts to take proactive measures by deploying the Mountain Search and Rescue Team (Mosar), which has specialized and proficient expertise to carry out rescue work in the mountains. “The Mount Kinabalu earthquake tragedy in 2015 taught us a lesson to always be prepared for such disasters and creating Mosar is the right deed. “Based on Mosar’s rescue statistics, a total of 26 rescues were implemented by the team from January to June this year.


“The excellence of a team or an organization depends on the level of discipline of its citizens. Therefore, public servants are called upon to always demonstrate integrity in the performance of the tasks entrusted to them, he added.
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