The firefighters will put the company on notice for negligence and non-compliance with fire safety standards

Two days after the fire at the Tardeo Sachinam building which killed seven people and injured 23, the Mumbai Fire Brigade (MFB) decided to issue a notice to company officials for negligence and non-compliance with safety standards fire.

According to Hemant Parab, the fire chief, MFB will issue a notice to the company under Maharashtra’s Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Act after firefighters found that the firefighting system in the 20 story building was not functional.

“While the committee that has been set up is investigating the fire, it is clear that the company has failed to meet the standard of fire safety as stipulated in the Fire Prevention and Life Safety Act of the Maharashtra. Therefore, as per protocol on Tuesday, we will issue a notice to them and take appropriate action, Parab said.

The fire broke out between 6:45 a.m. and 7 a.m. at the Sachinam Heights building, a ground floor and 20-storey structure located opposite Bhatia Hospital in the Gowalia Tank area in south Mumbai , while the majority of its inhabitants were still asleep. It is suspected that the fire spread through electrical conduit the full length of the building, causing heavy smoke everywhere. Apartment No. 1904, where the fire broke out, is devastated, as well as parts of the corridors on the 19th floor.

Parab said: “The firefighting equipment was not functional, nor had the building submitted the mandatory semi-annual fire audit report. In addition, there was a complete lack of first response to the incident from the company, personnel or people available on site No one was able to show the firefighters the water pumps available in the building All of these factors doubled the efforts of the firefighters, from the ground up ‘on the 19th floor. This wasted enough time and led to the fire multiplying and spreading. With the fire-fighting system in the building functional, damage to life and property would have been less compared to about what happened.”

Meanwhile, the short circuit was the prima facie cause of the fire, the MFB said. However, City Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal had set up a committee headed by a Deputy City Commissioner (Area 2) to investigate the incident, the investigation into the matter is currently ongoing.

Posted: Tuesday, January 25, 2022, 06:01 AM IST