The Department of Public Utilities ensures the availability of water for firefighting if needed – Los Alamos Reporter

A temporary generator is placed to supply electricity to the Guaje water well field to provide backup power to keep the wells running in the event of a power outage. Courtesy DPU


The Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is taking precautionary measures regarding the Cerro Pelado Fire, especially given potential interruptions to electrical and water supplies in the county.

Specifically, a temporary generator is being put in place to power the Guaje water well field. If the townsite loses power during the fire, the water supply could become scarce since the water wells are powered by electricity. The 1.5 megawatt generator, which will remain in place until the danger of fire has passed, will provide emergency power to keep the wells running and water flowing for firefighting purposes.

The Guaje water well field is located after the shooting range in the Rendija Canyon. The generator will be placed along N. San Ildefonso near the Dinosaur Park and before the Rendija Canyon entrance road. When in operation, it will use 100 gallons of diesel fuel per hour and will need to be refilled at least three times a day by a fuel tanker.

“We want residents near the generator to be aware of this effort, especially if there is additional noise in the area while it is being installed,” said Philo Shelton, director of utilities. “Our top priority is the safety of Los Alamos and White Rock. During forest fires, this safety depends on an adequate water supply. This power generator is important to ensure that we are able to provide enough water here to fight the fire should it become necessary. »