The Chattanooga Fire Department is looking for future firefighters who will help strengthen the service and continue a legacy of service and dedication. He is currently accepting applications from fire cadets for our next Fire Academy which is scheduled to start in January 2023. The 2022 Fire Academy is currentlyRead More →

County Cork Firefighters had to turn down an excellent application to join Bandon Fire Station as the future firefighter was only eight years old. Little Holly O Mahoney sent a brilliant hand-written CV to firefighters arguing that because she’s short she can ‘fit into small places’, adding: ‘and I won’tRead More →

LOWVILLE – Summer audits of the Copenhagen Fire Service by the State Comptroller’s Office and the state’s Office of Public Employees Safety and Health (PESH) revealed inadequate accounting practices and a number of “serious” security risks. The village leadership called a meeting to discuss the results. “Department officials failed toRead More →

Fire chiefs were lambasted in Sir Martin Moore-Bick’s 935-page report into the devastating blaze. London’s fire brigade was plagued by “institutional failures” and its preparation for a Grenfell-style hellhole was “seriously inadequate”, the retired judge found in 2019. But he also ruled that the tower’s cladding panels breached building regulationsRead More →

NEW HELICOPTER: An Écureuil B2 will come to the aid of firefighters this summer. Green Triangle Timber Plantation Companies has invested in additional aerial firefighting capacity in the area to protect its plantation estate, natural environment and wider community during this fire season. A B2 Squirrel helicopter has been contractedRead More →

The calm after the storm was not so calm for the Greeley firefighters as they struggled to avoid further home losses in hot spots after the Marshall fire ravaged Boulder County. The Marshall Fire destroyed 991 structures and damaged 127 buildings on December 30. That same day, the Greeley FireRead More →

The aim of the organization is to promote an open and transparent dialogue, reciprocal between first responders and lawmakers. Mississippi state and local public first responders, representing firefighters, law enforcement and paramedics, today announced a coalition of state senators and House officials working alongside members of their groups . TheRead More →

Volunteer Servers: Kyleigh Higgins, Katherine Nolan and Emma Sikora PARSIPPANY – After skipping last year’s base event due to COVID-19, Lake Parsippany’s female auxiliaries hosted their annual pancake breakfast on Sunday, November 28. Delicious homemade pancakes, sausages and more… bagels, cream cheese, butter, coffee, tea, and even orange juice. JenniferRead More →

WAGENER – Only one of the three mayoral candidates in this small town in northeast Aiken County took part in a candidates’ forum on Wednesday evening in the November 2 election. Christopher Salley showed up while rivals incumbent Mike Miller and Travis Kennedy stayed on the sidelines. During and afterRead More →

Through Express news service THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The majority of district hospitals, both government and private sector with inpatient facilities, were found to lack basic firefighting systems in two recent fire safety audits conducted by the agents of the fire and rescue services department. . The preliminary findings have been submitted toRead More →

Students train with the New Mexico State University Fire Department. (Courtesy of the New Mexico State University Fire Department) Copyright © 2021 Albuquerque Journal The New Mexico State University Fire Department celebrates a milestone this year. The department, which protects the campus and provides mentorship and on-the-job training for students,Read More →

Kolkata: In recent years, firefighters have acquired modern equipment like robots, foam making tools, breathing apparatus to prevent firefighters from inhaling harmful fumes and various personal protective equipment (PPE) to fight fire precisely. But when it comes to battling a devastating fire, like that at the New Koilaghat building, firefightersRead More →

Methods of fire fighting in Germany How the fire protection service is organized – Professional, volunteers, forced firefighter, factory firefighters – ambulance service The fire fighting and fire protection methods of other countries are still of interest to the chiefs of the American fire departments, and this is especially trueRead More →

Fighting fires in Northern Ireland characteristics For most Americans, the notion of fighting fires in Northern Ireland conjures up a nightmarish view of network news: a group of people on a street in Belfast; a overturned car on fire; and a “pump” arriving, his two-tone European siren unable to protectRead More →