community, Volunteer firefighters from the Old Bar Rural Fire Brigade prepared and drove through town on Monday evening (February 7) in preparation for upcoming training. Advanced Firefighter Sharon Gatt and Village Firefighter Jodie Queribin walked from Wyden Street Station to Taree Old Bar Surf Club and back to prepare forRead More →

Gelsenkirchen Gelsenkirchen: apartment fire in Schalke – but the fire brigade has a problem! Keep? Stop? What do these font terms really mean? Keep? Stop? What do these font terms really mean? show description Gelsenkirchen. bad luck in Gelsenkirchen– Schalke! Shortly after midnight, firefighters Gelsenkirchen received several emergency calls. CallersRead More →

Fire chiefs were lambasted in Sir Martin Moore-Bick’s 935-page report into the devastating blaze. London’s fire brigade was plagued by “institutional failures” and its preparation for a Grenfell-style hellhole was “seriously inadequate”, the retired judge found in 2019. But he also ruled that the tower’s cladding panels breached building regulationsRead More →

Mumbai: Highlighting the negligent approach of many housing companies to fire safety standards, a random fire audit conducted by the Mumbai Fire Department found that 200 out of 223 housing companies inspected did not complain about fire safety standards fire. Mumbai firefighters slapped notices to 133 of these housing corporations.Read More →

Dublin firefighters have issued a warning about the potential devastation of house fires caused by cigarettes and vapes this Christmas. Some people even block smoke alarms when they go off from cigarette smoke, a practice fire chiefs have called a “dangerous game”. DFB said: “It is not unusual for usRead More →

To help fight fires in high-rise buildings, densely populated residential areas and crowded slum pockets, Mumbai firefighters introduced their new fleet of firefighting vehicles two weeks ago. To help fight fires in tall buildings, densely populated residential areas and crowded slum pockets, Mumbai firefighters presented their latest fleet of firefightingRead More →

NASHIK: Firefighters earlier this year advised Ahmednagar Civil Hospital, where 11 Covid patients died in a fire on Saturday, to set up appropriate firefighting equipment throughout the premises . The ministry made the suggestion after conducting a fire audit at the hospital in March. The fire, which started at 10:30Read More →

MUMBAI: The city’s firefighters are in talks with companies to purchase “fire fighting drones”. Technology-based equipment can put out fires in crowded communities or in places where ladders cannot rise above a point, such as high-rise buildings. In addition, firefighters will soon introduce a “special purpose vehicle” to extinguish fires.SuchRead More →

Friday’s fire in Avighna Park in Lower Parel saw Mumbai firefighters deploy drones for the first time in the city while conducting search operations after the blaze. With a proliferation of skyscrapers in Mumbai, Mumbai firefighters are seeking cutting-edge technology and equipment, including the ability to deploy drones to fightRead More →

All FM104 news Staff shortages at Dublin Fire Brigade have been described as completely unacceptable, while the union representing the firefighters will present their concerns to the HSA on Thursday. Dublin Fire Brigade staff fear chronic understaffing as Halloween approaches. Six aircraft were off the road yesterday at Dun Laoghaire,Read More →

A union has called for more to be done to help those “trapped” by the coatings crisis. A motion was brought forward by the Fire Brigade Union (FBU) at the Labor Party conference this weekend. The motion called for “more sustained investment in building control by local authorities, fire safetyRead More →

The injuries that fireworks can cause were highlighted today during a brutal demonstration by Dublin firefighters when they showed how a firecracker can detonate the fingers of one hand. The force of the explosion of the common fireworks blew the thumb and forefinger of a plaster model hand to reproduceRead More →

Firefighters were called to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Wednesday morning, but no injuries were reported as 300 people were evacuated. London firefighters said in a statement that the scene was quickly brought under control once people were evacuated from the nine-story building. There were no reports of injuries sustained duringRead More →

Cleveland firefighters will visit businesses and apartments in Hartlepool for safety reasons. Cleveland firefighters will lead a month-long campaign for safer businesses starting next week after figures show 86% of businesses that have a fire never recover. The move is part of the National Fire Brigade’s annual Business Safety Week,Read More →

The scorched lands in West Attica exceeded 94,000 acres, according to the latest measurement, which with luck and everyone’s wish will be the last. Concretely, as shown by the satellite based on the European Copernicus system, which was activated almost at the start of the fire by the Civil Protection,Read More →

The description Emergency Call 112 – Fire Fighting Simulation 2 is the further development of the successful Part 1, which allows every fan firefighter to experience how a professional fire department works. The second part was also developed in cooperation with the Mülheim fire brigade. The now completely newly createdRead More →

Methods of fire fighting in Germany How the fire protection service is organized – Professional, volunteers, forced firefighter, factory firefighters – ambulance service The fire fighting and fire protection methods of other countries are still of interest to the chiefs of the American fire departments, and this is especially trueRead More →

Following the tragedy of the fire at Bhandara Hospital, State Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Vijay Wadettiwar expressed the need for an advanced fire fighting system in the areas rural. However, senior state government officials said there was no firefighting system in rural areas. None of Maharashtra’s 34 zilla parishads hasRead More →

Fighting fires in Northern Ireland characteristics For most Americans, the notion of fighting fires in Northern Ireland conjures up a nightmarish view of network news: a group of people on a street in Belfast; a overturned car on fire; and a “pump” arriving, his two-tone European siren unable to protectRead More →