The proposed legislation would make it easier for volunteer firefighters to purchase sports drinks like Gatorade and other supplies that industry leaders deem essential for fighting fires during Alabama summers. Volunteer fire departments, of which there are dozens across the state, operate on limited and unrestricted funds. Restricted funds includeRead More →

When Roddy McAllister started working in the fire, 45 years ago, Glasgow still had the unenviable reputation of Europe’s “Tinderbox City”; in the 1960s, fires were frequent and some shockingly devastating – with unseen death tolls outside of wartime bombing. In late fall, days after Roddy’s retirement, Glasgow was inRead More →

To apply for the Junior Firefighter Program, visit the Sorghum Airport Volunteer Fire Department website at ——————————– The Sorghum Airport Volunteer Fire Department is setting up a junior firefighter program, with the aim of attracting young people to the volunteer fire department. The program, which accepts applications, aims toRead More →

MUMBAI: The city’s firefighters are in talks with companies to purchase “fire fighting drones”. Technology-based equipment can put out fires in crowded communities or in places where ladders cannot rise above a point, such as high-rise buildings. In addition, firefighters will soon introduce a “special purpose vehicle” to extinguish fires.SuchRead More →

Students train with the New Mexico State University Fire Department. (Courtesy of the New Mexico State University Fire Department) Copyright © 2021 Albuquerque Journal The New Mexico State University Fire Department celebrates a milestone this year. The department, which protects the campus and provides mentorship and on-the-job training for students,Read More →

Three firefighting vehicles that Mumbai firefighters are importing from the Netherlands and Germany will arrive three to four months late due to the pandemic. The vehicles are suitable for Mumbai’s urban conditions and were expected between August and January 2021. They will now arrive between December of this year andRead More →

Fighting fires in Northern Ireland characteristics For most Americans, the notion of fighting fires in Northern Ireland conjures up a nightmarish view of network news: a group of people on a street in Belfast; a overturned car on fire; and a “pump” arriving, his two-tone European siren unable to protectRead More →