To help fight fires in high-rise buildings, densely populated residential areas and crowded slum pockets, Mumbai firefighters introduced their new fleet of firefighting vehicles two weeks ago. To help fight fires in tall buildings, densely populated residential areas and crowded slum pockets, Mumbai firefighters presented their latest fleet of firefightingRead More →

For years, Pittsfield firefighters have relied on pagers to communicate with each other in fires and emergencies. But in a nod to more modern technology, the Pittsfield Fire Department recently implemented an emergency response system that broadcasts dispatch notifications to firefighters’ cell phones, a tool designed to streamline processes andRead More →

MUMBAI: The city’s firefighters are in talks with companies to purchase “fire fighting drones”. Technology-based equipment can put out fires in crowded communities or in places where ladders cannot rise above a point, such as high-rise buildings. In addition, firefighters will soon introduce a “special purpose vehicle” to extinguish fires.SuchRead More →

Friday’s fire in Avighna Park in Lower Parel saw Mumbai firefighters deploy drones for the first time in the city while conducting search operations after the blaze. With a proliferation of skyscrapers in Mumbai, Mumbai firefighters are seeking cutting-edge technology and equipment, including the ability to deploy drones to fightRead More →

WAGENER – Only one of the three mayoral candidates in this small town in northeast Aiken County took part in a candidates’ forum on Wednesday evening in the November 2 election. Christopher Salley showed up while rivals incumbent Mike Miller and Travis Kennedy stayed on the sidelines. During and afterRead More →

Volunteer Bushfire Officers and Regional Counties in Washington State fear the threat of jail or heavy fines under new workplace legislation in Western Australia will result in fewer people getting out of hand volunteers to fight fires in rural areas this summer. Key points: WA Occupational Health and Safety ActRead More →

Customized firefighting equipment worth 1.3 billion shillings complete with sirens, communications equipment and mobile computing technology will serve Packwach, Yumbe and Moyo districts. The West Nile Regional Police Fire and Rescue Squad received a fire truck from police headquarters to assist with emergency response to fires in the area. TheRead More →

Three firefighting vehicles that Mumbai firefighters are importing from the Netherlands and Germany will arrive three to four months late due to the pandemic. The vehicles are suitable for Mumbai’s urban conditions and were expected between August and January 2021. They will now arrive between December of this year andRead More →

The acquired equipment can help firefighters in hilly areas and in inaccessible alleys of cities. Hindustan Times, Calcutta | By the HT correspondent | Edited by Abhinav Sahay West Bengal firefighters on Thursday launched four remote-controlled firefighting vehicles and a range of other trucks and fire fighting vehicles that couldRead More →