Staples’ New Team: The Wranglers

When COVID hit and most kids went crazy, a few Bedford Middle School students went fishing (social distancing).

With YouTube videos, Google Earth and Steve Rexford, a language teacher and avid fisherman, as guides, the 8th graders learned all they could about many different types of fishing. Fly, saltwater, freshwater, night, ice fishing – they’ve done it all.

At a private pond in Norwalk, they encountered Stamford firefighter Dave Bocchetta. Rather than kicking them out, he became their mentor.

Dave told the boys — at the time, they were freshmen at Staples High School — about a high school bass fishing contest.

To get in, they formed Staples’ first bass fishing team.

(Left to right): Dave Bocchetta, Josh Ginsburg, Preston Siroka and friends.

Throughout the spring, Josh Ginsburg and Preston Siroka got up on Saturday mornings at – are you sitting? — 4 am They meet Dave and participate in tournaments.

After the first 3 meetings, Staples is in 7th place, out of 19 teams. Not bad for a bunch of newbies.

Not bad either: their name.

Josh and Preston call themselves the Wranglers – a combination of “Wreckers” and “Fishermen”.

With this perseverance and creativity, this group will go far.

Like, wherever the bass bites.

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