Springfield Fire Department Awards Ceremony

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield first responders were recognized Friday for the lifesaving work they do.

Several medals and awards were presented to members of the Springfield Fire Department in recognition of their heroic action.

The ceremony highlighted the important work carried out by these men and women, which goes well beyond responding to fires. Several firefighters received awards of excellence and two received medals of honor.

Medal of Honor recipients Firefighter Joshua Rios and Lt. Brian Couture were recognized for their lifesaving actions while responding to a fire on Belmont Avenue. They told 22News they were doing what any of their fellow first responders would do.

“It was early in the morning. We stopped, saw smoke appear. The neighbor ran and told us that there were people trapped. So Rios sprang into action and grabbed the ladder, I met him. We got in, rescued the two occupants and then continued to fight the fire, Lt Couture said. “It was an honor, honestly it was,” firefighter Rios continued.

In addition to Medal of Honor recipients, many dispatchers have been honored for successfully responding to calls with others to save the lives of people suffering from cardiac arrest.

The ceremony served to thank the Springfield Fire Department for all they do to keep the city safe.