Shrewsbury Police and Fire Fighters Receive TEAM Award


SHREWSBURY, Mass. – The officers and firefighters of Shrewsbury were recognized for their quick wit, which saved the life of a one-year-old girl.

Shrewsbury Police Detective Matthew Caola, Officer Shawn Valliere, Firefighter Rory Ahern and Firefighter Ben Gerber received the District Attorney’s TEAM (Team Excellence and Merit) on Tuesday. First responders used breathing techniques to revive Olivia in September. Olivia’s mother, Kirsten Puccio, was grateful to be reunited with the people who saved her daughter’s life.

“I’m really grateful to live in Shrewsbury and I’m really impressed with the way everything has been handled,” Puccio said. “Obviously they saved my daughter’s life which is great. But they were there so quickly and in those days when I was completely crazy it was so nice to have someone to help though. quickly.”

“We especially think of a time like this when sometimes people in the public service, law enforcement and firefighters are at a loss for the drift, we should recognize what they are doing so that everyone is appreciated. “said Joseph Early, Worcester County District Attorney, Jr. said” Because they have one of the toughest jobs there is. “

The district attorney presents the TEAM award to public security employees for their excellence and merit.