Sewer plant operator, team honored by the board

UPER GWYNEDD – A township official deserved great honor and a week of thanks for his department.

Township commissioners paid tribute to wastewater operations manager Rebecca Mason and her township’s wastewater treatment plant staff at a recent meeting.

“We are very proud of Rebecca and the wastewater treatment plant team is just amazing,” said Commissioner Martha Simelaro.

“These are people you don’t see or hear from until something goes wrong, and they keep the plant in great shape,” she said.

The township’s sewer system includes a total of 83 miles of sewer lines and seven pumping stations, all supplying a plant on Township Line Road which recently completed a series of upgrades to handle the wastewater flow. additional diverted from a shared factory in Towamencin. Mason recently received the Daniel H. Treat Memorial Supervisory Award from the Eastern Pennsylvania Association of Water Pollution Control Operators to exemplary plant operators across the region.

“In addition to her many talents as a director, she is also an EMT, she is a state-certified firefighter, and also a rescue technician. So if anyone deserves this award, it’s Rebecca, ”said Simelaro.

To applause from a crowd of wastewater treatment plant workers, Mason received the award, then the board passed a motion declaring December 20-24 Township Wastewater Week. .

“People just don’t realize how hard these employees work, and Rebecca in particular. It’s 365 – I remember last Christmas Eve we had an emergency, and all the staff and Rebecca were working, and that’s true for a lot of our departments, but especially for the sewage treatment plant. Township Manager Sandra Brookley Zadell said.

“Different weather changes can affect it very quickly, and I really appreciate the dedication – they take time away from their families and loved ones, and are very dedicated, and that leadership comes from above, from Rebecca. So thank you all for what you do for us.