“SEAL Team” Season 5 Fan Review: Viewers Call The Cast Recounting The Events Of September 11 “Well Done”

Season 5 of ‘SEAL Team’ may have started off with a bang, but the final episode is guaranteed to leave you feeling emotional. Entitled “Nine Ten”, Episode 3 invites the team to reflect on where they were during the 9/11 attacks, telling how it shaped their choices, their decisions and forever changed the course of their lives. life. With Jason (David Boreanaz), Clay (Max Thieriot), Ray (Neil Brown Jr.), Sonny (AJ Buckley) and Davis (Toni Trucks) heading towards the memorial center, they all look back at the day before the attacks, recounting where they were and what they did.

If you’re hoping to catch up with the series, you can find out what happened in Episodes 1 and 2 here. With the team carrying a set of bolt cutters, the one they used in operations to bring justice to those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks, the team looks back on their whereabouts. when this happened. For a young Jason, he was with Alana, reconsidering his options while focusing on his family. To Sonny, he seemed lost with no direction or concern for the world, adrift in life, unwilling to be bound by responsibility.


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Clay reconnected with his father, who was also a SEAL as they briefly bonded with his past. Davis was in high school and a conversation with her neighbor, who was one of the Women Airforce Service Pilots, inspired her with her acts of service and reminded her to never think of herself as anyone’s second. And finally, there was a young Ray, who had started playing after losing a wrestling purse. His father, a firefighter tried to get him back on track but seemed to fail. It wasn’t until Ray lost his father in the attacks that he then enlisted in the military.

The episode was dark and fans felt a surge of emotion. They were also impressed with the cast of the episode, seeing that the cast was perfect. “The casting, acting and writing make this episode feel like it’s real and not like a TV show. It’s the lives and times of the people we care about. @SEALTeam_pplus @ SEALTeamWriters #SEALTeam “tweeted a fan. “Okay… someone else is a little scared of how remarkably close the flashback characters are to our real characters today? Mannerisms and vocals… wow !! @SEALTeam_pplus @SEALTeamWriters #SEALTeam #WheelsUp “added a fan. “When you’re in your 5th season, you’ve won by making stories about your characters. It’s deserved and very well done #SEALteam,” agreed another. “This episode of #SealTeam really touches me. I was standing at the World Trade Center in June. Very dark moment.” another tweeted.

Fans were also exceptionally emotional watching the scenes between Jason and Alana, when they were young parents and a happy family. “I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SEAL TEAM EPISODE! I really love seeing those Jason and Alana moments. I can’t believe Jason nearly quit work. Like, that absolutely amazes me. #SEALTeam” one fan tweeted . “Really nice to see the Jason we know was here for another 20 years. He had so many dreams. Just heartbreaking #SEALTeam,” added another. “Young Jason had it all planned out when it was still a #SEALTeam dream,” agreed a fan. “This young and innocent love! My heart is breaking. It’s a wonderful episode. #SEALTeam @SEALTeam_pplus,” one fan tweeted.

Episode 4 of “SEAL Team” will air on CBS. You can watch Episode 5 and the rest of the Paramount Plus season starting Sunday, October 31, 2021.

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