‘SEAL Team’ actor’s future on show uncertain, set to star in new CBS pilot

The future of Max Thieriot on SEAL Team is now uncertain after the actor was cast Cal Firea new CBS pilot about firefighters. SEAL Team has been renewed for a sixth season at Paramount+, and a movie is also in development. Cal Fire is inspired by Thieriot’s experiences growing up in Northern California fire country, and the actor co-wrote the pilot with Grey’s Anatomy veterans Tony Phelan and Joan Rater.

Theriot stars as Clay Spenser in SEAL Team against David Boreanaz. Yes Cal Fire is picked up to series, he could ‘potentially’ do both shows, sources say Deadline. Talks are ongoing to determine how he could do this, but if that doesn’t work out, Season 5 ended in a cliffhanger that could easily see Clay leave the show. In the Season 5 finale, Clay told Jason (Boreanaz) that he was going to do another mission with Bravo Team before transferring so he could spend more time with Stella (Alona Tal) and their son. During this mission, he suffered an eye injury, which may cause him to leave the military altogether.

the Cal Fire pilot will star Thieriot as Bode Donovan, a convict who hopes to redeem himself after his prison sentence is shortened. He joins a firefighter program that takes him back to his hometown in Northern California, where he joins other inmates and elite firefighters to fight fires across the state. Phelan and Rater wrote the teleplay, from the story co-written with Thieriot. CBS Studios is producing the show, with Jerry Bruckheimer serving as executive producer.

Thieriot starred in SEAL Team since its debut on CBS. The show was nearly canceled after four seasons, but was renewed for a fifth that started on CBS before moving to Paramount+ halfway through. SEAL Team found new life at Paramount+ and was quickly picked up for a 10-episode sixth season. Earlier this month, Paramount+ announced plans to produce a standalone film.

Before playing in SEAL TeamThieriot acted in the films The Astronaut Farmer, Nancy Drew, Jumper, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, Chloe, The Family Tree, The House at the End of the Streetand the 2015 Breaking point remake. He also played the role of Dylan Massett in Bates Motel. He led the Bates Motel episode “Hidden” and two episodes of SEAL Team. Cal Fire earns Thieriot his first writing credit.