Saskatoon Fire Department Water Safety Tips

The Saskatoon Fire Department reminds boaters and paddlers to be careful around the river. Evaluate the weather, your gear, and water conditions from shore before you take off and learn about changing water currents. The fire department notes that watercraft are permitted where posted and you must have proof of competency.

Advice from the fire department is to familiarize yourself with boating regulations and respect other craft on the water. River etiquette includes operating your watercraft at a safe speed and maintaining a respectful distance from other river users.

For those wishing to swim, there is a city bylaw that prohibits swimming within the city limits, although you may wade or walk in the water unless otherwise specified.

If you happen to see someone in distress in the river, the advice of the fire department is to call 911 immediately and write down details of the person, time and situation. Keep track of recognizable landmarks where the person has been seen in distress and guide them from the edge of the shore. Tell him to stay calm, keep his head above water, remove any heavy or bulky clothing, and not fight against the current. Instead, move with it and head to the edge of the shore.