Santa Claus or Spiderman? Watch a team of Spanish firefighters surprise hospitalized children

Children spend the Christmas vacation in a Barcelona hospital received a well-deserved boost from a firefighter dressed as Santa Claus.

The firefighter surprised the children outside their hospital windows by hanging from a rope.

Due to the strict pandemic rules restricting visitors, this was a creative solution to bring some festive joy.

“When the whole pandemic broke out and the hospital visits got very complicated, the Christmas season arrived and there were a lot of things, activities that we normally did that we couldn’t do anymore,” says Arantxa. De Lara, director of the private Enriqueta Villavecchia Foundation. for childhood oncology

“We wanted to continue to bring magic to these families, despite the pandemic and despite their illnesses and personal situations, and we decided to contact the five hospitals where we usually work to bring Santa Claus to the hospital”, she added. .

The firefighting team that hosted the special event said it was worth it when they saw the smiles.

“The kids are in the hospital, which I guess isn’t exactly where they want to be, but the truth is when I come down and see them, and they show all their emotion, all the effort they put in, that’s what I come looking for. I come to get those smiles from the children and the truth is that I almost always get them. It’s really nice “, says Jordi Valls, the firefighter disguised as Santa Claus.

Watch the video above to see how Santa Claus surprised the kids