Residents of Harrow urged to have their say on London Fire Brigade’s future plan

People who live and work in Harrow are being asked by Borough Commander Rob Hazzard to get involved and have their say on Your London Fire Brigade, the fire service’s future plan for 2023-29.

The plan sets out how the Brigade intends to change and improve to meet the needs of Harrow and other London communities. The consultation is live and closes on Monday 25 July. Events at [area of London] are promoted on local Brigade Twitter accounts.

This is the London Fire Brigade‘s first London plan since the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in 2017. The Brigade recognizes that much has already changed in the organization but owes it to the bereaved and survivors , all Londoners and our staff to do so much more.

The Brigade adopts four new pillars that focus on London communities: engaging with you, protecting you, learning from you and representing you. These pillars are supported by eight commitments, each of which will lead to a number of key projects and activities.

The following are examples of how the Brigade plans to deliver on its commitments:

Online prevention and protection services enabling people to obtain advice and access services.

A new way for communities to get non-emergency advice and reassurance.

Use data to identify and understand trends in Brigade services to predict future needs of communities.

Improve collaboration with their partners to do more for communities and eliminate duplication.

Deliver environmentally sustainable projects for London by changing the way they deliver our services.

The plan builds on changes the Brigade has made in recent years. New 32m and 64m turntable ladders have been rolled out for use across London to handle incidents in high-rise buildings. Fire escape hoods have been introduced to assist people rescued from smoky environments. To prevent fires and improve safety, a new online home fire safety checker has helped thousands of people make their homes safer.

The draft plan and a survey for your feedback are available on the TalkLondon website. You will have to register to access it, but it is very simple and fast.

Borough Commander Rob Hazzard said: ‘I encourage people who live, work and visit Harrow to get involved and have a say in the future plan for London’s fire service. Our feedback on the plan will shape their services for years to come and ensure they are doing all that is necessary to keep our communities safe.

London Fire Marshal Andy Roe said: ‘I spent over 20 years in the London Fire Service and witnessed some of London’s greatest tragedies – the Croydon tram crash, the Grenfell Tower fire and multiple terrorist attacks. In those moments, I witnessed the great courage and professionalism of my fellow firefighters, often in the face of unimaginable danger. I also saw the unwavering strength of the London communities, their dignity and their generosity, their tolerance and their kindness.

“This plan has been drawn up after many hours with Londoners and it draws on all the experiences of the Brigades too – as we approach our 160th year. It defines how we want to change the way we do things to meet the needs and expectations of the communities we serve.

“We want to know what you think, and I encourage everyone to speak up. Only by getting involved can we ensure that the views of Londoners are at the center of this plan to keep our great city safe in the years to come.