Regular checks of firefighting equipment are essential, official says

District Fire Officer J. Mohana Rao has called on hospitals, hotels and educational institutions to periodically install firefighting equipment in their respective premises, saying maintenance of the equipment is more important than installation.

“Proper maintenance of the equipment ensures the protection of lives and valuables in the event of a fire,” Mohana Rao said after inspecting several hotels and colleges.

He said some equipment such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, automatic fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire safety lines have been found unusable in several facilities due to lack of maintenance. There are 33 private hospitals and 446 educational institutions in the district. However, it was found that one hotel among the facilities inspected had obtained the certificate of no objection and compulsory license from the fire department in accordance with safety precautions and guidelines, he said.

License renewal

“The government recently allowed many institutions to renew their fire permits once every two years. Previously, the license was valid for one year. Establishments had to check their equipment and put it in good condition before submitting requests to the fire department for annual renewal, ”he said.

Mr. Mohana Rao said that all officials of the nine fire stations in the district have been given strict instructions to raise awareness of the importance of repairs, regular maintenance and periodic inspection of equipment installed in their premises.

“In the context of fatal fires in the COVID-19 wards of several hospitals, we are placing the safety of patients and medical personnel as a top priority. We have advised public hospitals and primary health centers (PHCs) to install fire fighting equipment as soon as possible, ”said Mohana Rao.

“As schools and colleges resume classes across the district, principals need to check the condition of equipment as it may not have been tested in the past two years due to the closure of schools. teaching in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, “he added.