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Pune, November 8, 2021: training should be given in public hospitals on the use of firefighting equipment by experts and a responsible person should be appointed to coordinate the measures to be taken to prevent fires, said Dr Rajesh Deshmukh, district collector of Pune.

He was speaking at a review meeting on fire safety testing of Collectorate hospitals. The meeting was attended by Zilla Parishad (ZP) General Manager Ayush Prasad, Resident Assistant Collector Himmat Kharade, Engineer Superintendent of Public Works Department Atul Chavan and others.

Dr Deshmukh said fire safety and electrical testing of Covid hospitals in the district have already been completed. The necessary measures must be taken immediately to rectify any errors therein. Funds were made available to public hospitals through the district planning committee to fill the gap. Incomplete security measures at these hospitals are expected to be completed by November 20.

When installing a new system in a hospital, special attention should be paid to the necessary changes to the electrical system and it should be checked by an expert or competent system. The system should be equipped to monitor devices that require more electrical load. Employees should receive the training necessary to react quickly in the event of an accident. For this, the collaboration of firefighters from the municipal corporation and the PMRDA and the electricity directorate of the Public Works Department must be sought.

District hospitals that do not have covid treatment facilities should also be tested for fire safety.

Protests are expected to be held this week for the precautionary measures needed to immediately respond to fire incidents. Expert trainers should be called upon to train hospital staff. A meeting of representatives of private hospitals is expected to be held in the next two days at the level of deputy heads, he added.

The district collector also ordered that they have a clear idea that action would be taken if the errors found during the inspection were not rectified by November 30.

Reviewing hospitals treating non-covid patients should note the difference between the electrical charge capacity and the charge actually used.

ZP CEO Prasad said a mechanism should be put in place to rectify any errors found in the inspection and to complete those inspections within a specified time frame.

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The meeting also took place in the presence of sub-prefects, firefighters and officials from the Public Works Department.

Minutes of meeting

1. Identify hospitals that have not yet been audited for fire and electrical – make sure they are audited immediately.

2. Identify additional electrical load over rated capacity by Wednesday

3. Identify equipment with high electrical load such as autoclaves, fans – check wiring and safety.

4.26 hospitals that received 7cr funds – complete work by November 20

5. Re-audit of all public hospitals from November 20 to 30

6. Conduct fire drills in 7 large public hospitals by Thursday

7. Prepare master trainers for the Training Institute on Family Health and Welfare.

8. Train at least two staff members in each department / team.

9. Private hospitals must file a compliance report by Thursday. Meeting to be held under the chairmanship of SDM.

10. Those who are not fully compliant will receive a final notice and a deadline until November 30, 2021. Post that legal action according to the rules can be initiated.

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