Petrolia Support Operations Response Team Receives Special Provincial Recognition

A group that assists the Petrolia and North Enniskillen Fire Department with large-scale events gets special recognition from the province.

The Support Operations Response Team (SORT) received the June Callwood Award for Outstanding Achievement for Volunteerism.

Fire Chief Jay Arns said the group plays a very important role.

“They provide firefighter rehabilitation for all of our firefighters, they provide cylinder changes, they provide liability and decontamination processes during HAZMAT incidents.

Petrolia’s SORT team receives the June Callwood Award for Outstanding Achievement in Volunteerism (Photo courtesy of the City of Petrolia)

Arns said SORT has been instrumental in helping the city’s COVID test and assessment center.

He said volunteers were there every day for nearly a year, setting up the tent, doing logistics and sanitizing.

They also provide first aid medical care at event sites across the community.

“Throughout the year, we track their hours, just to give us an idea of ​​how important they are and what they do,” he said. “In an average year, outside of COVID, that’s probably in the 1,000 hour range that they put in our department and our city and surrounding areas.”

SORT members include Paula Stokes, Colleen Johnson, Brooke Osthoff, Valerie Dejeu, Pam Barrington, Amber McLaughlin, Martin McLaughlin, Karen Kuykendal, Mitchel McCauley, Andrew Hart, Erv Sullivan, Tori Macdonald, Steve McLaughlin (retired) and Jed Gould (retired).