Palacios-Apatang team endorses RB Camacho for mayor of Saipan | News

The Governor’s Independent Election Campaign Team of Lt. Governor Arnold I. Palacios and Saipan Mayor David M. Apatang on Friday endorsed the independent mayoral candidacy of former Parole Board Chairman Ramon “RB” Blas Camacho.

Camacho, who is also a former chairman of the Saipan and Northern Islands City Council, was accompanied by his campaign team at the Arnold-Dave 2022 headquarters in Garapan.

The AD 2022 team intends to field a full slate of candidates for the November general election.

Former President Oscar M. Babauta, 2022 DA President, also announced the independent candidacies of retired U.S. Navy sailor Vincent “Kobre” Seman Aldan and former firefighter Shawn Delos Reyes Kaipat for the House. representatives in Precinct 1 and Northern Marianas College Enrollment Services. Director Manny Gregory Tenorio Castro who will appear with Independent Representative John Paul P. Sablan in Precinct 2.

“A lot of people want to join the team, Palacios said, adding that in about a month the AD 2022 team will finalize their roster and “move forward”.

Safer and healthier community

As a mayoral candidate, Camacho pledged to continue his advocacy for a safer and healthier community in Saipan.

“I’m very touched by this group, especially the lieutenant governor and specifically the mayor, because they are looking to me to replace them,” said Camacho, who ran against Apatang in the previous two elections.

Camacho also promised to continue doing what Mayor Apatang is doing, adding, “I will do more.” His campaign slogan, he said, is “Safe and healthy living in the community”.

Camacho said he would also work closely with the Palacios-Apatang administration “for the good of our island.”

Camacho said he was “so lucky” to receive the 2022 AD team endorsement.

The RB Camacho Committee Chair for Mayor of Saipan is Ray B. Aldan, Vice Chairs are Lino Tenori and Juan Reyes, Treasurer is Esther Camacho, and Secretary is Carmen Pinaula.


Palacios, for his part, said: “As we move forward in this election season, this trip, we are also starting to build our roster. We are almost there. We are touched by the positive engagement of the RB Camacho team, and I’m very excited to have Shawn and Vince and others that we’ll be featuring in the very near future.”

Apatang also thanked the RB for the mayor’s team and the other independent candidates.

“As of today, we are all one heart. We are part of the AD 2022 team and we will all work together – we will love each other and hold hands as we go out and thank the community, and ask for their vote,” the mayor said.

For the greater good

Vincent S. Aldan, who also sought a House seat in the 2020 election, responded when asked why he was running again: “It’s to see the greater good.”

That greater good, he added, is to serve the public. “There’s no better way to serve the public,” he said, to ensure everyone is affected “positively.”

To achieve a safer and healthier community, Aldan said: “We know what to do, we know how to do it and we have all the resources. We are capable. We have everything we need, and everything we need. what we need right now is the chance to perform.”

He therefore asks the public to “give us the chance – believe in us, trust us and we will give you back what you rightly deserve, because you deserve nothing but a better community, a safer community and a healthier community.”

Shawn Kaipat said he wanted to share his vision and help the CNMI. “We’re going to push as hard as we can. We’re going to get into everyone’s hearts and we’re going to make the [AD 2022 Team] sit there,” he said, referring to the Legislative Assembly.