The acquired equipment can help firefighters in hilly areas and in inaccessible alleys of cities. Hindustan Times, Calcutta | By the HT correspondent | Edited by Abhinav Sahay West Bengal firefighters on Thursday launched four remote-controlled firefighting vehicles and a range of other trucks and fire fighting vehicles that couldRead More →

Defense Department officials testified about research efforts to replace PFAS, which is used in aqueous film-forming foam, or AFFF, and is very effective in extinguishing aircraft fuel fires. They also discussed cleanup efforts in areas contaminated with PFAS. Maureen Sullivan, Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense for the Environment; and HerbertRead More →

Covington firefighter Stu Johnson slipped out of his Air-Pak and bent down, sweat literally streaming down his forehead and hitting the tiled floor. Covington Fire Lt. Mike Davis, left, urges firefighter Stu Johnson as they prepare for Sunday’s fight for the aerial climb (photos provided) He was hot and hisRead More →

Over the past three years, Mumbai firefighters have inspected only 6,142 buildings in Mumbai, issuing violation notices to 3,026. Of these, only 36 cases have been prosecuted under the Act. Fire Prevention and Personal Safety Measures Act 2006. While the low prosecution rate reflects on firefighters’ inability to make fireRead More →

While the international humanitarian system is more efficient than ever, poverty, climate change and other challenges make multitudes vulnerable to the devastating effects of war and natural disasters, according to the UN Humanitarian Coordination Office OCHA. Speaking at the seventh annual Global Humanitarian Policy Forum, organized by OCHA, Mohammed stressedRead More →

Fighting fires in Northern Ireland characteristics For most Americans, the notion of fighting fires in Northern Ireland conjures up a nightmarish view of network news: a group of people on a street in Belfast; a overturned car on fire; and a “pump” arriving, his two-tone European siren unable to protectRead More →