Okla Fire Department team-building exercise may be featured in Ragú ad

By the staff of FireRescue1

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. — Firefighters from the Tahlequah Fire Department could soon get their 15 minutes of fame if the fire chief receives approval for the members to be featured in an ad for the Ragú pasta sauce company.

It all started as a team building exercise, TFD Station 1 captain Jody Enlow shared with the Tahlequah Daily Press. The team filmed themselves cooking with Ragú’s sauce, following recent company clips that read, “Cook like a mother!” Firefighter Anthony Margarit bragged in the video that he actually cooks like a mother. He then posted the video on his TikTok account.

Margarit’s brother-in-law emailed the video to Ragú, and a company representative reached out to Margarit on TikTok.

“They were extremely grateful and said they were going to send us a palette of Ragú, which we thought was really cool,” Enlow said. “Just a ‘thank you’ was really cool, and they’ve since asked us for permission to use the video.”

It is now up to the Tahlequah City Council to grant approval, as the video shows TFD’s name and logo. The mayor and city attorney approved the use of the video, and now fire chief Casey Baker will appear before city council in January for final approval.

Mayor of Tahlequah, Sue Catron, said, “When the results of this team building activity catch the eye of a national company and their use of video has the potential to positively highlight Tahlequah , this is a rare opportunity. Congratulations to our fire department and Chief Baker. Catching Ragú’s attention might not have been their intention, but their team-building efforts can have huge results.

Enlow added that they would like to host a spaghetti dinner using the sauces sent by Ragú, with proceeds going to their Tragedy Fund.