North Idaho Type 3 Incident Management Team Takes Over Prospect Fire

HARVARD – At 6:00 a.m. today, North Idaho Incident Management Type 3 Team 2 (NI IMT 2) assumed command of Prospect Fire. Idaho Department of Lands Resources were able to locate and determine the cause of the fire to be a single tree lighting hit from the storm that passed through the area late Saturday night.

The fire is estimated at 200 acres and at present is zero percent contained. The fire burns in industrial woodlots in an area where a completed logging operation has occurred, and heavy logging has been collected and awaits the fall burning season in accordance with the Forest Practices Act of the L ‘Idaho.

The fire intensified yesterday as slash piles and heavy fuels continued to ignite. The intensity of the burn did not allow direct ground engagement by fire crews, however, fixed-wing aviation resources were very successful in providing support to ground forces with retarders and drops of water. This allowed firefighters to begin construction of mechanical lines with heavy equipment and reconnaissance opportunities for direct fire engagement. Fire crews remained on site throughout the night to monitor the behavior of the fire and take the necessary measures.

Today, crews will continue yesterday’s plan of action as resources arrive over the next few shifts. Firefighters and public safety are always the number one priority when determining fire suppression strategies. There are no communities or structures under threat at this time. The public is asked to stay clear of the area to ensure the safety of fire crews and large heavy equipment needed to successfully fight this fire.

Currently there are no road or area closures, however, this is continually being reassessed and the public will be notified as changes occur.

Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR): There is a TFR in place for Prospect Fire airspace (FDC-2/1591) to record impacts on local air operators. Remember that the TFR also applies to unmanned aircraft systems or drones. If you are flying we cannot.

Cooperating Agencies: Idaho Land Department, Potlatch Rural Fire, Latah County Sheriff, Deary Rural Fire, Moscow Rural Fire, and PotlatchDeltic.