NFPA 1700 Guide to Structural Fire Fighting Available Online, Free


The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has launched the NFPA 1700, Guide for Structural Fire Fighting online training for firefighters, free of charge, to learn safer and more efficient ways to deal with fires involving modern materials and content. The all-new instructional course, focused on NFPA 1700, Guide to structural firefighting, is based on extensive scientific research and testing of contemporary structures by the UL Fire Safety Research Institute.

Today’s home fires burn faster, catch fire faster, collapse sooner, and result in reduced escape times thanks in large part to man-made contents, including furniture, plastics, carpets and more. composite materials compared to the old wooden furniture of yesteryear. These days, residences also tend to be built on smaller lots, include a second story, feature more open floor plans, and house all kinds of new technology. These components and the evolution of fuel loads have resulted in changes in the tactics used by firefighters for decades; and led to the November publication of NFPA 1700, the first NFPA document linking fire dynamics research with response strategy, tactics and best practices.

The all-new tutorial is designed to help fire departments evolve the way they respond to incidents and provides evidence-based recommendations and methodologies so that first responders operate with updated strategies. The course provides:

  • Guidance focused on interacting within a burning structure to achieve the most satisfactory outcome based on documented fire investigation, research and testing
  • Interactive modeling of residential structure firefighting with simulated training scenarios and coaching throughout the exercises
  • Concepts based on NFPA 1700 principles and tactical guidance for effective search, rescue and fire extinguishing operations, as well as the safety of civilians and responders

“NFPA 1700 and its corresponding free training for fire departments are prime examples of investing in safety and skilled workforce components that are essential in the NFPA fire and life safety ecosystem.” Said Jim Pauley, President and CEO of the NFPA. “Both NFPA and UL are working to help responders better protect themselves, people and property. This provides the nation’s 1.1 million firefighters with a way to learn about new fire dynamics research in NFPA 1700 and to learn about fire response strategies that reflect the considerations and current concerns.

The NFPA 1700 online training places firefighters in an immersive digital environment that replicates hands-on, in-person learning. Ideal for structural firefighting personnel, beginner or experienced, the online program offers an introduction to NFPA 1700, followed by a series of interactive learning modules. Each session provides a 360-degree virtual experience in 3D with realistic scenarios and requires firefighters to make observations and make decisions on how to react and fight the fire. The course explains how to enter buildings, where to apply pipe jets and when to retire due to life-threatening situations; and ends with a Capstone exam to help firefighters synthesize learning and put their knowledge to the test.

Upon completion, members of the fire department should be able to:

  • Explain why firefighting tactics are changing based on modern construction, new technologies on site and changing fuel loads
  • Gain an understanding of how to assess and approach the scene of a fire based on the latest scientific research and testing of fire dynamics
  • Be better prepared to assess the growth and spread of a fire and therefore use up-to-date control methods

The training takes into account the fundamental occupation, the construction of buildings, while addressing the health and safety of firefighters by reinforcing the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and contamination control methodologies.

For this news release and other announcements on NFPA initiatives, research and resources, please visit the NFPA Newsroom.

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