New Fully Automatic Firefighting Booster Kit |

With its new Hya-Duo D FL-R booster system, the pump manufacturer KSB has completed its range of booster sets for firefighting. The fire suppression system, designed in accordance with DIN 14462, uses a single main fire suppression pump to supply fire hydrants installed above or below ground with up to 192 cubic meters of water. extinction per hour in case of fire. The systems have been developed to provide fire extinguishing water to protect collective housing, residential and office buildings, multi-storey car parks and hospitals, for example.

In the event of a fire, the new fully automatic firefighting booster sets of the type Hya-Duo D FL-R can pump 192 cubic meters of firefighting water per hour. (Image source: KSB)

The fully automatic firefighting booster set is equipped with two fully redundant pumps, each with its own power and control circuit. Their redundant control systems continuously monitor the pressure switches and limit switches for broken wires and short circuits. Motor protection and dry run protection are disabled in the event of a fire, ensuring that the pumps do not shut down before the firefighting is complete.

The main switch and the valves are protected against unauthorized use. If one of the pumps fails, the redundant control system takes over and starts the second pump. This offers a high level of security for the operator, the buildings to be protected and the infrastructure.

The shut-off tank ensures hygienic separation of drinking water and extinguishing water in accordance with EN 1717 type AB. The net tank volume respects the 3% rule stipulated in the standard. The modular design makes the system quick and easy to install and connect to the water supply, saving time and money. The emergency draining of the recovery tank is not carried out by the fire pumps but by a separate solution adapted to the conditions of the site.

The mains water supply is via a DVGW-approved inlet valve at inlet pressures between 1.5 and 5 bar. Drinking water and extinguishing water are hygienically separated in accordance with DIN EN 1717 and DIN EN 13077 (type AB). In combination with regular flushing of the valve, microbial contamination of drinking water is excluded.

An automated daily functional check increases operational safety and ensures that the operator is always informed of the operating status of the system. If space is limited, the necessary tanks with type AB overflow for the hygienic separation of drinking water and extinguishing water can be welded together on site. The system is exclusively made in Germany.