Muzaffarpur firefighting service understaffed and under-resourced


Muzaffarpur has a population of around 48 lakhs and the district has thousands of houses, factories, gas stations, big business showrooms. However, in such a district, currently only 41 firefighters are available, and of these 41 firefighters, only 30 firefighters are present at the station headquarters. Ten of them are assigned to VIP seats, and the remaining post is currently vacant.

According to a report released by Dainik Jagran, the district currently has 24 fire fighting vehicles, seven of which are large but are over 15 years old. Apart from that, the other 17 are small hybrid technology firefighting vehicles.

According to fire officer Santosh Kumar, the district currently needs 100 fire-fighting vehicles, and for this, a letter has already been written to the chief minister of the state. In the same letter, including other resources, the government of Bihar requested a firefighter helicopter and a firefighter ball motorcycle in the district. Santosh Kumar says the district firefighting office has about two acres of land and a helipad can easily be built on the office roof. Fire Helicopters can easily control fires in important places in the district, which is why we asked the government.

Muzaffarpur Fire Brigade Phone Numbers List | Image credits: Muzcorner

In case you do spot a fire, I have listed all the available contact numbers for the Muzaffarpur Fire Department below.

  • District Fire Officer: 9473191917, 7091507171
  • Fire officer: 9470465765
  • Assistant fire station officer: 8789930594
  • Firefighter Officer, Motipur Officer: 9955640679
  • Official fire department number: 7485805840, 7485805841

List of telephone numbers of fire-fighting vehicle operators

  • Santosh Kumar: 95462522744
  • Sandeep Kumar Singh: 9798683342
  • Arun Kumar Prajapati: 7759808436
  • Nitish Kumar: 8809882502
  • Shashikant Ranjan: 7759808436
  • Gopal Kumar: 9306082949
  • Manish Kumar: 0123279575
  • Durgesh Kumar: 9162767708

Contact numbers for firefighters and home guards posted at police stations in Muzaffarpur.

  • Deepak Kumar Rai (Mushari): 8084464457
  • Manu Kumar (Bela BIADA): 9608181209
  • Deepak Kumar (University): 8862916119
  • Manoj Kumar (Sakra): 9525115255
  • Mithilesh Kumar (Ahiyapur): 8873314776
  • Rajesh Kumar (Meenapur): 7903165577
  • Nishaar Anjuman (Siwaipatti): 9576987013
  • Surah Smarat (Gaighat): 9955836666
  • Deepak Kumar (Aurai): 9122703541
  • Jagat Kumar (Patahi Airport): 7050468572
  • Izhaar Alam (Karza): 7631853312
  • Gulab Chand Bharti (Kanti): 8933806015
  • Abhijit Kumar (Sahebganj): 8936861511
  • Kundan Kumar (Released): 8210892591
  • Sumit Kumar (Saraiya): 9334707075
  • Yuvkar Bharti (Kathaïa): 947251096
  • Firoj Anwar (Motipur): 8294111086

To note: The above figures are collected from the newspaper Danik Jagran dated: April 8, 2021 (page number 5).


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