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Captain Phil Hasier of the Merrillville Fire Department reads a chapter from “Charlotte’s Web” to students at Iddings Elementary School as part of…

MERRILLVILLE – The Merrillville Fire Department and a local elementary school are teaming up to teach students and families the benefits of reading aloud and show how books can be read just about anywhere.

Iddings Elementary School is participating in the national “One School, One Book” program this fall through its group reading of “Charlotte’s Web,” according to a press release from Merrillville Community School Corp.

Merrillville Firefighters created seven videos to kickstart a read each week featuring firefighters reading a chapter in the context of their own work.

Join the cape. Jerry Patrick, as he patrols the halls of Lake Central and Kahler Middle School.

“Being part of the community is very important to us and our department,” said Captain Phil Hasier. “What better way than to get kids involved, especially at a time when teachers are struggling to get creative with all the different challenges they’ve faced over the past year. So why not help out a little bit when it comes to educating our children? “

Merrillville Firefighter Nick Vansipma reads a chapter from “Charlotte’s Web” to students at Iddings Elementary School as part of the “One School, One Book” program.


In the statement, Hasier credited Lt. Scott Molchan for the idea for the video, particularly using different backgrounds in each. A lot of people can read while sitting in a chair, but Molchan thought it would be special to add some of the unique firefighting settings and equipment.

For his video, Molchan read his chapter while sitting on top of a fire engine. Firefighter Nick Vansipma read aloud from an aerial ladder lying in front of the station and Firefighter / Paramedic Adrienne Hammerstein sat inside an ambulance for her reading.

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