Manistee County Entities Team Up To Give Manistee Fire Department Gift

MANISTEE – The neighborhood might smell a little more delicious at the Manistee Town Fire Department this week after receiving a donation of a grill from two entities aimed at giving a nice gift to the station staff.

Transitions Women’s Wellness Center and Bear Lake Ace Hardware Store both teamed up to donate a Traeger pellet grill to the fire department and presented it with a bow on top on Monday.

Jennifer Cameron, of Transitions, said she and the Bear Lake Fire Chief wanted to help firefighters and paramedics at the Manistee City Fire Department. So they asked Manistee Fire Chief Mark Cameron what they could use or would like.

“He indicated that their gas grill had gone to the grill graveyard this year and the guys were missing it,” Jennifer Cameron said in an email.

She noted that the department has gone beyond helping Transitions by taking steps such as additional training that benefits its patients.

“We at the Transitions Women’s Wellness Center have called upon their services a few times over the past year and we are so comforted to know that they are only minutes away! She said in an email. “We asked them to increase their education for the safety of our patients as well, by maintaining certification in neonatal resuscitation in addition to their already rigorous continuing education requirements. This certification ensures that they can be valuable assets to us if needed.

She noted that the ministry always responds quickly and that “it is a thankless job.”

“These guys are on call 24/7 and are stepping into action at any time to help those who call them in any way they can!” The last few years have been particularly trying for them, but they still show up – quickly and with smiles on their faces (which are hidden by masks but still evident in their eyes and voices!) “

Sean Adams, Bear Lake Fire Chief and Vice President of Bear Lake Ace Hardware, said fighting the fires is a brotherhood and he wants to be able to help everyone.

“The guys are doing a great job and they are helping the whole county, not just the city,” Adams said.

Mark Cameron said the grill could help firefighters eat healthier and choose to cook a meal on the spot rather than going to fast food.

“And it’s good when families come because at Thanksgiving time, at Christmas, usually the guys who work the shift bring their families over and maybe they can have a good smoked turkey or something. something like that, ”he said.

The first step before using the new gift is waxing the outside of the grill to keep it longer, Adams advised the department.