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LUDHIANA: After more than three months of waiting, the new fire offerings and other improved gadgets were finally handed over to the Ludhiana fire department on Saturday when the Minister of Food, Civilian Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Bharat Bhushan Ashu, dedicated modernized and advanced firefighting and rescue infrastructure to the city.
As part of the smart city mission, Rs 3.28 crore was spent on purchasing high tech equipment including new mini fire tenders, materials, lighting, relief and others.
To help firefighters put out the flames in the city’s narrow lanes, four fabricated fire offerings from Tata Yodha worth Rs 88.64 lakh were purchased. Firefighters have claimed that in the city many such areas are difficult to reach due to congestion, but these small fire annexes will help extinguish the fire with water and foam in those areas. High-tech pumping systems were installed in these four vehicles.
Two Royal Enfield motorcycles fitted with state-of-the-art firefighting technology were handed over by the director of the local bodies department. But firefighters claimed the bikes were not very useful. “We already had two bikes of this type but they have hardly ever been used,” they said.
Apart from this, three life detectors (Rs 66.02 lakh) for disaster rescue operations were also handed over. These detectors can detect humans if they are buried under collapsed buildings.
No less than 10 battery-operated combination tools (Rs 69.50 lakh) were also provided to the fire bridges service, which would help carry out the rescue operations. These tools can be used to easily cut and spread jobs on job sites.
Five portable inflatable emergency lights were also purchased at a price of Rs 11.74 lakh.
Five thermal cameras worth Rs 41.79 lakh were provided to firefighters to see through the smoke, monitor the blaze and help with better planning to control the blaze, especially major hot spots.
Five aluminum firefighting suits worth Rs 51 lakh were purchased for firefighters to easily handle any fire incident with more resistance to high temperature.
Smart city ranking improved from 54 to 37
Due to several projects at the proposal and execution stage, the ranking of smart cities has dropped from 54 to 37. Officials said they could jump many more ranks once the rejuvenation project works. Buddha Nullah from Rs 650 crore will start.
Firefighters ask for more staff and fire stations
Although firefighters expressed their joy after receiving more tenders and improved equipment, they said there was a serious shortage of personnel in the fire departments and that unless more workers are not recruited, they will not be able to use anything. “Firefighters shouldn’t be on a contract basis because they don’t know if they’ll be going home safely when they visit a fire source,” they said.
They also said that fire stations are needed as the city has grown and five fire stations are not enough for the city.

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