Local townships vote on fire service mileage proposals


On Tuesday, residents of the Township of Clearwater will vote on a proposal to renew their fire department, which is worth just over $ 139,000 a year.

“The renewal is for operational purposes, which pays for lights, heat, gas, fuel oil. Just the day-to-day operations of the fire department, ”said Greg Bradley, Clearwater Township Fire Chief.

The Township of Clearwater Fire Department has relied on its community to fund its operations since 1976. Renewal is voted on every four years.

“I’m hoping that at 1.5 thousandths in total, by the time we get to 7, if we get to 7, that will be a burden on your tax bill,” Bradley said. “You’ll save as much money on your insurance as it cost you to have a fire department. “

If the renewal of the proposal doesn’t pass, the Chief says the next nearest station is 11 miles away.

“Which is a 15-20 minute drive,” Bradley said. “Depending on the weather, once on the road. There won’t be much fire suppression. It will be on the ground by the time they get here.

Springfield Township is also voting on a mileage proposal for its fire department.

The mileage would raise approximately $ 49,000 for the township, which would help fund more firefighting equipment.


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