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Four decades of firefighting have served as a lifetime of memories for Bruce Morrison. The Leneva Country Fire Service celebrated 75 years in operation this weekend since it officially opened in 1947. In 2016, Mr Morrison resigned as captain after more than 42 years of service, handing over the responsibilities to Cameron Potter. “I quit because I want to empower a new generation of people to come up with new ideas for the station, and we’re always changing the way we operate,” he said. “But believe me, my involvement does not stop there. ‘I am still active as a volunteer, and that will never change.’ On Sunday, the CFA opened its doors to the public. He presented what they had to offer the community in several different educational activities across the fire station. The event was described as a great opportunity to see what it was like to be involved as a firefighter, to learn more about crews, seeing fire trucks and learning how to be fire safe.” We want people to know we’re here to help, that we’re close at hand, and that we’re always here. to keep you safe,” Mr Morrison said. The children immersed themselves in firefighter culture, with virtual reality headsets and smoking rooms being a hit for the day. About 200 people attended the open house. Camron Potter had spent the past 11 years gr moving up the ranks to his current position as station captain. “Since I’ve been captain, I’ve seen a lot – the last two years have put enormous pressure on the members, and there are all the protocols we have to follow,” he said. have nearly 50 members and we work closely together. Our oldest volunteer is 90 years old. “We are always open to more members and hope they see today as a day to see what we are all about. Last year the fire season eased and we are grateful for the flow of rain.” IN OTHER NEWS: To balance his busy work life, Mr. Potter enjoys a relaxed lifestyle with his family. “The role does not come without challenges,” he said. but I know the reason I’m doing it is so I can do my part.” As part of the weekend of celebrations, a dinner was held to honor all those volunteers who served for half a -century. The dinner was attended by Wodonga Mayor Kev Poulton and CFA Chief. “It was great to learn about the beginnings of the brigade and see where it all began through a walk through the past,” Mr. Potter said. “This is a great achievement for the volunteers who have accepted a service award.” Our Reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: