In Just Two Months, 223 High-Rise Buildings Receive Fire Safety Breach Notices | Bombay News

MUMBAI: Survivors of Saturday’s blaze on the 20-story Sachinam Heights in Tardeo were told on Sunday they had to wait at least a week to return as firefighters had to undertake a thorough inspection of the electrical systems of the entire skyscraper sky before declaring it safe for supply repairs and restoration.
A day after the blaze killed six people, authorities identified the body of Meena Mistry (68), one of two deceased people they had previously been unable to recognize. Eight people remained in critical condition in hospital.
As a suspected short circuit in the electrical conduit area of ​​the 19th floor burned all the wiring, it also generated smoke on almost every floor.
In just two months, 223 high-rise buildings receive fire safety breach notices
The firefighting system at the 20-story Sachinam Heights, a chawl redevelopment project, was not in working order when the blaze occurred early Saturday. There is no shortage of these fatal errors in the city: in the past two months, firefighters have served no less than 223 skyscrapers with formal notice for non-compliance with fire safety standards.
The notices were issued to these structures under the Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Act, 2006, for various shortcomings found in their fire fighting systems, according to municipal data. These deficiencies were discovered during inspections carried out between November 18 and January 8 on several high-rise buildings.
A fire official said each department is responsible for inspecting a number of buildings on a weekly basis.
“Under section 3(3), it is compulsory for the owner or occupier, as the case may be, to provide a certificate, known as Form B and issued by an approved agency, twice a year – in January and in July regarding the maintenance of existing fire and life safety measures in good repair and repair, however we found that in many cases this was not being done, therefore advice to those companies were issued, the official said.
Other defects for which an advisory was issued by the fire brigade included encroachments in the common passage area, keeping the terrace door locked, encroachment or occupation of the refuge area and the systems of non-functional fire fighting in skyscrapers.
Fire officials said they have repeatedly called on residents living in high-rise buildings to ensure that all fire detection and firefighting equipment installed in the building is in good working order and that there was a skilled workforce available to operate them.
It is also important that regular fire safety drills (dummy drills) are carried out to ensure the proper functioning of the riser and sprinkler system installed in the building.
In Sachinam Heights, the 19th floor fire engulfed apartment number 1904. Three people in the building died from burns and three from suffocation.
On Sunday, authorities identified the body of Meena Mistry (68), one of two deceased people they had previously been unable to recognize. Now a body remains unidentified at BMC-run Nair Hospital. Eight patients continue to be in critical condition, including one with more than 50% burns.
As a suspected short circuit in the 19th floor electrical conduit area burned wiring throughout the building early Saturday, it also generated heavy smoke on nearly every floor of the building.
Firefighters said the blaze was now extinguished but heavy dust and smoke lingered in several parts of the building, particularly from the 11th floor upwards. As a result, residents of apartments up to the 10th floor only were allowed to recover their belongings.