Import of 3 fire vehicles for Mumbai delayed by 3 to 4 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic | Bombay News


Three firefighting vehicles that Mumbai firefighters are importing from the Netherlands and Germany will arrive three to four months late due to the pandemic. The vehicles are suitable for Mumbai’s urban conditions and were expected between August and January 2021. They will now arrive between December of this year and May 2021.

Specialized vehicles include one with a water tower with dams that can extend up to 55 meters and which will help fight fires in congested localities. The chassis and super structure of this vehicle are imported from Germany. The vehicle was scheduled to arrive between November and December, but will now arrive in February 2021. The arrows from this vehicle can pass through other structures and sink deep into the foyer. In buildings with glass facades, booms can shatter the facade and spread into difficult corners of the burning ground.

A vehicle like this would be effective in fires like the one that ravaged the southern Mumbai cutlery market at Masjid Bunder in the first week of October, and took over 40 hours to put out. A senior officer said: “In the event of a fire, the structure that caught fire was in the central part, surrounded by smaller structures, and was very difficult to reach. The 55 meter water tower will come in handy in such situations.

Mumbai firefighters also purchased three water transport vehicles with submersible pumps that can extract water from a body of water – such as the sea or a lake – up to 3 kilometers using pipes. The vehicle has a special system for laying and collecting pipes, with submersible pumps capable of lifting water to a depth of 30 meters. The system comes from the Netherlands and is expected to arrive in December or January, after which it will be fitted to a vehicle currently being assembled in Palghar by a manufacturer of firefighting equipment.

Firefighters also bought a special vehicle for fighting fires in high-rise buildings, with a boost capacity of up to 150 meters, or about the 50th floor of a building with high-powered pumps. While this vehicle will be assembled by a local company in Pune, the pumps are imported from Germany and are expected in May 2021.

A senior municipal officer said: “After the lockdown, there has been no progress for the first few months on these imports. We have followed up with the companies we purchase equipment from and other than the late delivery everything else is going as planned. ”

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