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Grand Chute Fire Department Adds Advanced Survival Services

GRAND CHUTE, Wisconsin (WBAY) – The Grand Chute Fire Department is improving the medical services it provides to the community. Now, a paramedic will join the firefighters when they answer a call.

So far this year, the Grand Chute fire department has responded to nearly 2,400 calls, which is 100 more than last year and is expected to increase at the same rate in the future. But of those calls, only about a quarter were for fires. The majority are EMS calls.

“We don’t just fight fires. We are involved in all aspects of the community, ”said Fire Chief Timothy Bantes.

As the role of the fire department continues to evolve, Grand Chute has recently added advanced survival services. Before, it only offered basic medical services. Now, whenever service is called, on every engine there will be paramedics with all the medical equipment they need.

According to Medical Director Dr. Ryan Murphy, “This will now allow paramedics and response units to perform heart monitoring, interpret ECGs and interpret rhythm. It will allow advanced management of the airways. This will allow for intravenous starts, intravenous fluids, intravenous drugs – the kinds of things that can happen in the hospital will now happen in the field.

The upgrade was necessary because most of the time, when called, the fire department will arrive on the scene first. So instead of having to wait for a team of paramedics to provide advanced relief, paramedics can start as soon as they arrive.

“Being able to provide that immediate care and that immediate difference can mean a life or death situation. Thus, being able to act immediately, then to be a partner with our ambulance partners, to go to the hospital and work in a coherent way together, will improve the patient’s overall results ”, adds the firefighter / paramedic Rick Guerra.

And in an area where firefighters are tasked with saving lives, offering these additional services will make all the difference.

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