Four firefighting robots acquired by West Bengal firefighters: report

West Bengal Fire and Emergency Services have acquired 4 firefighting robots. The robots were tested at the brigade parade ground behind Elliot Park in Kolkata in the presence of Fire Minister Sujit Bose and DG Fire Jag Mohan, among others.

“The tests have been done. Now, once the chief minister nods, we’ll start using them. The department will be able to use the robots with the help of a monitor. The robot can fight the fire from a distance of 100 meters. They can spray water through hoses, which will be connected to the water point, ”Bose told the Indian Express.

The robots cost over 4 crore rupees.

They will be able to extinguish a fire up to 100 meters and will be equipped with tools such as a wireless control system and an optical PTZ camera. They are equipped with self-cooling mechanisms and can discharge 1,800 liters per minute (LPM) at 10 bar. They also have the ability to navigate 30 degree tilted terrain.

Due to the nature of Kolkata city, with its crowded and winding alleys, firefighting becomes more of a challenge. In this scenario, these robots will be particularly useful.

“In fire accidents, the risk of explosion is high or even the recorded temperature is very high. In such cases, people’s lives are also in danger. These robots are equipped with a thermal camera with which it will be easy to estimate the indoor temperature, ”Jag Mohan told IE DG Fire.

In addition to the robots, 100 bicycles with tankers were also purchased. These would be used in places inaccessible to tankers.

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