Firefighting planes join the fight in Evia, Greece


Firefighting planes have finally managed to join the battle in tackling the major fire in Limni, Evia, according to a statement from the Central Greece Region Fire Division on Wednesday.

Three firefighting planes and a helicopter, including a Russian Beriev-200, are now operating in the area.
The aircraft that took off at dawn was initially unable to sustain the firefighting effort due to heavy smoke and poor visibility over the site of the blaze, which was burning on four distinct fronts.
This led to the decision to increase the number of fire trucks fighting the flames to 32 and to use the maximum number of tankers and earthmovers to open the fire breaks.
Speaking to the Athens-Macedonia News Agency, the Abbot of the Monastery of St. David the Elder in Drymonas, Evia said the monastery was filled with smoke from the fire which was at around 1, 5 km and destroyed everything in its path.
Meanwhile, Limni’s access roads to the monastery were blocked by utility poles and fallen power cables and burnt trees, hampering the flow of firefighters’ vehicles and forcing them to circle around.

The Hellenic Electricity Distribution System (HEDNO) operator is working tirelessly to repair damage to the region’s vast electricity grid.


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