Firefighters will issue a notice of laxity in fire safety standards to Soc | Bombay News

MUMBAI: Three days after a fire at a high-rise building in Tardeo killed seven, Mumbai firefighters said they were in the process of issuing a notice to the housing corporation for lack of protective measures fire safety
When the blaze broke out on Saturday, firefighters who arrived at the site to douse the flames found that the fire-fighting measures in the structure were not functional.
Chief Fire Officer (CFO) Hemant Parab said a notice will therefore be served under Section 6 of the Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Act 2006. In accordance with this article, it is the responsibility of the owners or occupants to provide for fire prevention and personal safety measures. “Our teams arrived on site and found that the systems were not operational. We are in the process of issuing a notice to the structure, Parab said.
Fire officials said they have repeatedly stated that as per Section 3(1) of Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Act 2006, it is compulsory for every owner or occupier , as appropriate, to provide fire prevention and life safety measures. in the building or part of the building.
Under Section 3(3), it is compulsory for the owner or occupier to provide a certificate, i.e. a “Form B” issued by an approved agency twice a year, i.e. i.e. in the month of January and July, concerning the maintenance of existing fire prevention and life safety. measurements undamaged and undamaged. However, despite this, the same is not done, this has been repeatedly noted. Officials said they were therefore undertaking routine inspections of structures and in the past two months had issued notices to 223 high-rise buildings for flouting fire safety standards.