Firefighters’ Union Denounces “Cost Reduction” Plan to Close Stations in Werris Creek, Quirindi Due to Staff Shortages | The head of the daily newspaper in the North

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Werris Creek and Quirindi could often find themselves without a fire and rescue station as part of the ministry’s plans to shut down small, understaffed stations to save money. That’s according to the firefighters union, which said the plan would result in significantly longer response times, increase insurance premiums and potentially, cost lives. Firefighters’ Union Acting Secretary Martin Dixon called on the community to resist what they called a cost-cutting exercise. READ MORE: “It would be naïve to think that insurance actuaries ignore these things. They absolutely look at incident response times when calculating your premiums, ”he said. “It could potentially have a ripple effect where the premiums in a certain city could go up because that fire station doesn’t have guaranteed service like it did before.” Rural stations, typically staffed with a dozen part-time “retained” firefighters, often struggle to find four firefighters available for a given shift. Currently, the stations are supplemented by staff from surrounding stations who work overtime. Under the proposed new rule, the station could simply be closed for the duration of the shift. “Instead of recruiting more people or spending a little more money to make sure the fire stations are not closed, the solution for Fire and Rescue is to close the fire station during this time,” he said. he declared. “It’s an emergency service. It’s an insurance policy against an emergency. So who can predict when [a fire] it will happen. [It’s] close a fire station to save a few dollars and hope nothing will happen. This is absolute madness. Mr. Dixon said response times can make the difference between a damaged kitchen and a ruined house, he said. The closest train station to Quirindi is Murrurundi, half an hour away, or Tamworth, almost an hour away. Werris Creek would. look at Tamworth, over half an hour away. “Everyone pays to have fire stations open through the firefighter tax, that’s how we are funded. If you pay for a firefighter tax that pays for a service you don’t get , I can almost guarantee you that the insurance companies won’t reimburse you, “he said. Want more local information? Subscribe to the Leader to read it here first” Why your community is she is less important than the people of the city of Sydney; they are not trying to shut down this station. It is financially insane. It is morally, the wrong thing to do. “The ministry and the union will face next week to the Industrial Relations Commission on the matter. Mr. Dixon said that even if the FBEU loses, they will continue to resist the amicable plan. “We need the help of the local communities to fight [the proposal]”, he said.” We encourage people to write to the Member of Parliament for their local state, the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, the New South Wales Fire and Rescue Commissioner and to make their voices heard. “and Kevin Anderson were contacted to comment on this story. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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