Fire departments urge lawmakers to view providing a firefighting station as good governance

The Enugu State Fire Service on Sunday urged lawmakers and policy makers to consider the provision of fire stations, vehicles and other equipment as part of good governance.

The State Fire and Rescue Chief, Chief Okwudiri Ohaa made the call during a press briefing on International Firefighters Day 2022 and offered to honor Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi from Enugu State for “his giant collaboration with the Enugu State Fire Service”.

International Firefighters Day, which is celebrated around the world every May 4, aims to honor firefighters and outstanding individuals who have contributed to fire prevention and other humanitarian rescues.

Ohaa said lawmakers at both the federal and state levels should include fire stations and other requirements as part of their precinct plans to better protect their people from preventable casualties.

According to him, the federal and state governments cannot carry the issue of citizen security alone. Input from legislators and political office holders in communities or council areas on the provision of fire stations can be very helpful in any area.

“We call on property developers to integrate the provision of functioning fire stations with social amenities in housing estates; while the fire a service will help manage the facilities for the benefit of people living in these areas and nearby communities.

“The service is also appealing to businesses and philanthropists to invest in building fire stations.

“We also want council authorities to build fire stations and invest in the purchase of fire trucks as this will greatly help people and protect their property and other valuables.

“We are gradually moving from fire response to an era of massive awareness about fires and other security incidents.

“It will be ideal for our employees to be prepared and have the necessary equipment and know-how to deal with fire or rescue incidents in their training stages,” he said.

During the celebration, Ohaa said the State Fire Department would honor Governor Ugwuanyi for revamping the department and ensuring its capacity and capabilities were expanded to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

He noted that the governor has improved the fire department in terms of human capital and the provision of modern firefighting equipment and vehicles.

“The governor has employed top-notch manpower and engineers for the service. Among them are 31 graduates, including five engineers, one of whom is the current fire chief.

“He established five new, state-of-the-art fire stations in the state’s three senatorial areas after 56 years of total neglect and the release of funds for firefighter training and retraining, and sponsored the state’s fire chief. . Service College Motern in Mash, London, UK, for further training and study in firefighting and rescue operations.

“He also approved the transfer of 27 firefighters from the fire cadre to officers and superintendent cadre after affected personnel had stagnated in the fire cadre since 2011-14 when they were due to be promoted and converted.

“Governor. Ugwuanyi is the first Governor in Nigeria to install different types and sizes of fire extinguishers in all major markets and other fire prone places.

“For the first time in the history of the Enugu State Fire Service, Governor Ugwuanyi has provided personal protective equipment (PPE) for the safety of all firefighters in the state, among others” , he added. (