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July 13, 2022, 9:30 a.m.

The Lime complex consists of two manned fires and sixteen unmanned fires. The total size of the combined fires is 865,620 acres and 150 resources are assigned to the complex, an area covering 21 million acres. Each of these fires was caused by lightning. We continue to monitor unmanned fires for growth and potential threats to values ​​identified.

Strong points: It takes a large and efficient team to care for and feed all the firefighters in the field. While crews typically eat MREs (ready-to-eat meals, prepackaged canned meals) for the first 2-3 days over a fire, they are then given boxes of fresh food whenever possible. Since the creation of the Lime Complex on June 14, teams have airlifted 230 cases of fresh produce containing all the major food groups, as well as many “comforting” items, to the various fire camps spread across the vast expanse of the complex. . Of the 230 boxes, 149 were type A, intended to feed two people for three days, and 81 were type B, intended to feed four people for three days. Here are some examples of the exact quantity of food delivered: 622 steaks; 149 pounds of bacon; 3,576 potatoes; 1,490 oranges; 149 pounds of fresh carrots; 1,490 tortillas; 304.5 pounds of cheese; 690 loaves of bread; 149 jars of peanut butter and 149 jars of jelly; 2,462 sachets of hot chocolate mix; and 1,869 treats.

A support crew from the Alaska Incident Management Green Team pose for a group photo in the Aniak School gymnasium. (Photo courtesy of Alaska Incident Management Green Team)

Weather/fire behavior: Mostly cloudy skies are expected today as a low pressure system moves across northern Alaska and a cold front approaches the complex. Scattered showers are expected. Temperatures will rise in the mid to high 60s, while relative humidity is expected to remain in the 55-65% range. Winds will be south to west averaging 4 to 9 mph. Fire behavior/growth is expected to be weak today and for the next two to three days.

Fires with personnel in the complex

Fire Mountain Gate (#244) – 114,294 acres. Teams from Malheur Rappel and Galice have made good progress with cleanup efforts around the Lime Village burnout and have laid a garden hose on the northeast side. The Garden Valley and Idaho Panhandle teams repositioned themselves on Lake Tundra to begin protecting plots there. They estimate it will take three days to complete the clearing and sawing at this location.

Pike Creek (#239)/Koktuli River (#240) – 293,970 acres combined. The Grande Ronde rappels and Burns’ helitack crew secured a group of allotments and a cabin site north of the Koktuli River. They were able to finish cold tracking part of the edge.

The Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) remains in place on the southern part of the planning area near Lake Iliamna. Aerial water drops and logistical air support remain active in this area when smoke and weather conditions permit safe flight. Fire Boss planes are staged in McGrath and can work from waterways in the Iliamna and Lime Village areas. Helicopters and other aircraft providing support to the means of fighting fires on the ground will also intervene in the area. Please avoid this airspace for the safety of the public and firefighters. Rememberthe fire zone is a no-fly zone for private dronesif you fly, we can’t.

A map that shows the boundary of the Lime Complex with the fires in red
The Lime Complex fire public information map of July 13, 2022

Fires without personnel on watch

Dummy Creek Fire (#247) ~179 acres; Cabin Creek Fire (#193) ~74 acres; Gagaryah River Fire (#197) ~38,910 acres; Fire Kiknik (245) ~45,734 acres; Maka Creek Fire (#207) ~2 acres; Nushagak River Fire (#189) ~10 acres; Stony River Fire (#198) ~40,419 acres; Telaquana River Fire (#216) ~7,791 acres; Titnuk Creek Fire (#246) ~53,291 acres; High Talarik (#205) ~9,133 acres; South Lime Lake Fire (#190) / Swift River Fire (#228~ 88,502; Gate Stream Fire (#273)~ 54,006 acres; Hook Creek Fire (#188) ~ 4,275; Mount Aghaluk (#206) ~ 115,030

Information about the fire: Phone: (907) 290-2699 | Email: [email protected] | Facebook: facebook.com/AK.Forestry/ | Website: www.akfireinfo.com | Twitter: @AKforestry

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