Federal Court Dissolves Minority Hiring Executive Order for Chicago Fire Department – Chicago Tribune

Hello Chicago.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is making a public call to save one of her signature policies: ticketing drivers caught red-handed by automated speed cameras barely exceeding the 6 mph limit.

John Byrne and Alice Yin of the Tribune report that the practice – unpopular with many drivers but welcomed by some street safety advocates – suffered a significant setback from a large bloc of aldermen who voted for it. cancel it. Now the mayor is bracing for a showdown that could lead to his first veto if the legislation passes the full council on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Police Department unveiled the final version of its new foot pursuit policy, which has been in the works for more than a year since Mayor Lori Lightfoot and activists called for such rules following consecutive fatal shootings of two youths who were chased by officers.

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A federal judge recently agreed to dissolve a 42-year-old court order on minority hiring in the Chicago Fire Department, finding that minority representation has increased dramatically since it was implemented in the early 1980s. .

As federal officials reviewed the increase in the number of “minority” employees, some current and retired black firefighters cried foul, saying their numbers continued to decline due to the slow hiring of black recruits and the high number of black retirees among its commanders.

The topic of diversity, equity and inclusion is again front and center for community members in Hinsdale High School District 86 after an allegation of racial bullying at a college baseball game in April surfaced in recent FOIA findings.

In an email to District 86 Superintendent Tammy Prentiss, a community member who attended the game, said she saw Hinsdale’s student chapter and several student-athletes engage in “cruel provocations,” including racist comments toward black LTHS players, according to FOIA.

As she sliced ​​through a wheel of cheese and packed blocks of speed in front of 800 screaming fans, Cara Condon forgot she hated crowds. The buzzing audience at the 2022 Cheesemonger Invitational couldn’t faze the Chicago cheesemonger. It was almost as if she were behind the glass. “When it comes to cheese, I open up,” she said. “I bloom.”

The Tinley Park-born cheese expert, who works at Logan Square’s Beautiful Rind cheese shop, won the Invitational, a biannual contest in Brooklyn, New York, on June 12, where some of the world’s best cheesemakers competed in tasks involving technical skills, cheese knowledge and salesmanship and where spectators might need Lactaid pills.

The Chicago Bears are away for summer vacation until late July when training camp begins. Are the Bears entering a very bad season? Are the Bears making more free agent moves before camp? What are the Bears doing with Teven Jenkins?

Brad Biggs answers your questions about the Bears in this final post to camp.

“Illinois, you have an image problem, writes Christopher Borrelli. “On paper, your top exports include machine parts, medicine, corn, pumpkins, and dump trucks; in the national imagination, your exports are dysfunction, casserole like pizza, Blues Brothers cover bands, Cubs hats and Kanye West. It is the way of the world. Still, I’d say the solution to your PR woes has been staring you in the face — or rather, singing in our ears — for decades.

“Illinois’ main export is the power ballad.”