East London hospital reprimanded over safety concerns after firefighters’ inspection

Newham Hospital has nine serious fire safety issues and is due to address them by March of next year, according to a new report from the London Fire Department.

The LFB found that the hospital had several issues that posed a risk to fire safety, including adequate fire separation between floors and an appropriate means of giving a fire warning.

An LFB spokesperson said: ‘A notice of execution was issued to Barts Health NHS Trust on September 9, 2020, under Section 30: Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

“The trust has until March 3, 2022 to comply with this notice. The London Fire Department will offer support and advice where possible to help the trust meet the required standards. “

The report states that there was “a failure to take general fire precautions to ensure the safety of persons on the scene”, a failure to provide appropriate emergency fire routes and exits, and many other problems.

The September report provided a series of recommendations to address the nine issues highlighted by an inspection of the LFB and said they must be resolved by March 9, 2022.

Recommendations included providing an adequate emergency plan in the event of a fire, maintaining or replacing hospital firefighters’ equipment, and arranging contacts between the hospital and emergency services. emergency.

A spokesperson for Barts Health Trust, which operates Newham Hospital, said: ‘Patient safety is our top priority, so we are spending £ 34million over three years to improve fire safety at the hospital. from Newham.

“In addition to this essential work, we asked outside experts for advice on how to ensure that important maintenance work is done in a timely manner in the future. “

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